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Extensive field testing of the pioneering MetriNet by leading UK water companies has been a huge success, with 80% of the water industry now on the journey towards creating smart, intelligent networks.

Since ATi UK launched MetriNet at WWEM 2016, 2,000 MetriNet sensors have now been installed into 9 of the 11 UK water plcs, plus 10 of the smaller water-only independent companies. 

Data can now be analysed to give insights that allow proactive management of distribution networks. Huge cost reductions can be made in areas such as mains rehabilitation, burst identification and prediction and control of flushing operations.  It has also helped to identify efficacy of the sensors, TOTEX, installation issues and collaboration opportunities.  The only way water companies can get this data is through the continuous monitoring offered by MetriNet – no other technology can achieve this.

Developing this integrated approach to address water quality challenges is a priority, working collaboratively with partners, stakeholders and regulators.  There is a need to develop a long-term multi-sector strategy to provide a sustainable supply for the future; resilient to the effects of climate change, population growth and drought.  By collaborating with partners from different sectors, water companies can optimise expertise and expenditure, ensuring a robust outcome for themselves and the environment. 

The need for new solutions to age-old problems is ever-present – now is the time to change the future of the water sector for the better.

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