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Analytical Technology Introduces New Portable Dual Channel Gas Detector for Sterile Environments

IMG_2557Analytical Technology re-visits the IsoMon for those of you who aren’t aware of the unique product.  The IsoMon is the only gas detector on the market capable of monitoring the complete decontamination process from start to finish, being able to measure gas levels of both high and low concentration. This instrument has been primarily developed to address the sterilisation needs of the pharmaceutical, biological, medical device manufacturing, defence, industrial, healthcare and food packaging industries while it can also be deployed to reduce the occurrence of hospital-acquired infections, and even the decontamination of aircraft cabins.

The two-channel detector measures both high and low gas concentrations in sterilised environments, proving that peroxide levels have reached a high enough level for sanitisation AND that they are safe following sterilisation.

The IsoMon was developed by ATi to meet the market need for simultaneous high level concentration measurements and low level verification.

The detector can measure samples to a maximum 2000 ppm and minimum 0 ppm within one single unit, designed to ensure that environments have reached sterile levels using H2O2 and that the H2O2 subsequently drops to safe ambient levels post-sterilisation.

Mike Strahand, General Manager Europe at ATi, comments: “IsoMon is a first-of-its-kind gas detector that allows both high and low value measurements of Hydrogen Peroxide levels providing users with reliable validation data regarding the sterilisation of aseptic environments. This innovative methodology is set to revolutionise the way sterilisation cycles are processed.”

If you would like any further information on the IsoMon or any other hydrogen peroxide products, please visit our H2O2 page on our website.

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