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This month ATi underwent third party audits on our Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management systems (EOHS) and we passed with flying colours!


ATi holds Accredited Approvals for our ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 EOHS systems and a surveillance audit for the environmental aspect of our business was carried out to seek recertification.


ISO Audit imageThe results of the audit acknowledge ATi’s commitment to minimising our impact on the environment. As the supplier of water and gas monitoring instrumentation to the majority of the UK’s largest utility companies and leading food and beverage, metal finishing and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies across Europe, ATi is leading by example in matters relating to environmental protection.


The ISO 14001 standard assists companies who want to minimise how their processes and operations negatively affect the environment and also provides guidance on how to comply with applicable laws and regulations. In order to obtain this accreditation, Analytical Technology is monitoring its consumption of fuel, gas, electricity and water in an attempt to reduce waste and energy usage and improve its overall environmental performance.


Additionality, we received positive and helpful feedback from our Accredited body, DQS.


David Lyon’s, ATi’s Quality and Health and Safety Manager, said: “We are very proud of these achievements here at ATi as this certification approval highlights our commitment to achieving excellence in all that we do for our customers.


“Our business ethos is to manage our environmental impact and make our workings as healthy and safe here and for all who come in contact and work alongside us. By passing this strict certification process again with exceptional results, ATi is able to assure its customers that our processes meet and exceed best practice benchmarks.


“We look forward to repeating this review for our ISO 9001 QMS in September.”

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