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ATi has received an ‘excellent’ score in the Subcontractor Performance Awards, following our performance on orders during 2014.


During 2014, JN Bentley used 443 subcontracted suppliers and conducted nearly 2,000 Performace Reports, one of which was for ATi.  The  average score for all suppliers was 1.93, the highest score achieved since reporting began in 2004, which ATi exceeded. 


JN Bentley stated that “ATi’s performance in 2014 yielded an excellent score and we’re very much looking forward to working in partnership with you throughout 2015 and beyond”.


Each year Bentley conducts performance reviews of each of its subcontractors to assess a range of significant capabilities and the criteria are as follows:

  • quality of product/workmanship
  • communication/level of services
  • timeliness of delivery/programme
  • attention to health and safety issues
  • attention to environmental issues
  • innovation/design ideas
  • submission of method statements/risk assessments (quality of these)
  • submission of test certificates (quality of these)
  • invoicing/application for payment
  • changes to order (flexibility and price management)


ATi prides itself on providing award winning customer support, efficient and cost effective products and decades of industry experience. We provide the highest quality monitoring solutions available, allowing our customers to ensure a safe, efficient and healthy environment.


ATi UK has twice received awards for the WRc’s Instrument User Group (IUG) ‘Best After-Sales Service Award’, thanks to our first rate customer support, fast response times, low maintenance costs and high quality efficient monitors.


ATi WRc award


Our ambition has always been to provide a first-class service around the clock, both before and after sales, which is why we are proud to have been recognised again for our innovative and sustainable solutions, demonstrating that we always go the extra mile for our customers.

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