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ATi’s commitment to first class customer training has gone a step further and is now available on our very own Youtube channel!


In addition to all the onsite and in-house training that ATi regularly completes, our UK Sales Manager, Tristen Preger, has been busy putting his TV skills to the test to complete a series of NephNet training videos.  All our customers who have our NephNets installed have already received training, but these videos are designed as a refresher course, or for any new staff who haven’t used NephNet’s before.


There are 5 training videos, each taking you through a different phase, so customers can easily skip to the section they need:


NephNet_Master Logo_72dpi_rgb_email


Video 1 – NephNet ‘what’s in the case’ demonstrating the various parts to the NephNet and how they go together.



Video 2 – Verification of the sensor with a known standard.



Video 3 – Portable turbidity setup and maintenance part 1



Video 4 – Portable turbidity setup and maintenance part 2



Video 5 Portable turbidity on a live hydrant



Take a look at our NephNet training videos and let us know what you think and if they are useful.


Award Winning Customer Service

Our work with water companies has demonstrated time and time again the value of training by improving customer knowledge, reducing maintenance costs and increasing the efficiency of the plants.


ATi prides itself on providing excellent customer service to all of our customers, offering first rate customer support and response times to any customer requirements.


Keep your eyes peeled for more videos in the future for our other monitors!



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