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ATi are Part of the Bloodhound Gang

Here at ATi we are extremely proud and excited to be part of The Bloodhound Project – an event that will attempt to break the world land speed record. The project was launched in October 2008 when Richard Noble and Andy Green announced their plans to smash their own previous record of 763mph. The latest project involves using a jet and rocket powered car designed to reach speeds of up to 1,000mph. As part of the mechanical make-up of the vehicle, ATi are going to supply a Hydrogen Peroxide Monitor to coincide with the other safety devices and control measures. Although this is a small contribution compared to the rest of the vehicle’s construction, we are extremely pleased to be involved in such an iconic event.

Bloodhound SSC


The super-sonic car, better known as the Bloodhound SSC, is designed to travel faster than the speed of sound. It has four wheels, a slender body 14m in length and weighs over 7 tonnes. The driver, Andy Green, will have total control over the 135,000 horsepower engine and will lie feet first right in front of the huge mounted jet rocket. The vehicle itself is a mixture of car and aircraft technology, with carbon fibre bodywork and a metallic framework; it also contains a Cosworth CA2010 Formula 1 V8 petrol engine auxiliary power unit.

Explosive Journey

With so much power offered by the rocket and jet engine, this car is essentially attached to a bomb. The hybrid rocket is the largest of its kind ever produced in the UK and carries both fuel and an oxidiser. This hybrid propellant system employs a solid fuel and a liquid oxidiser; the fuel is contained within the combustion chamber whilst the liquid oxidiser is inserted at the top. A synthetic rubber called Hydroxyl-Terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB) was selected as the principal fuel.

Concentrated hydrogen peroxide (HTP) has been chosen as the oxidising material, which despite being non-toxic, can cause burns and skin irritation. HTP can also be very sensitive to contamination and can be decomposed easily by many familiar substances. The material requires careful handling and must only be allowed to come into contact with compatible elements. Hence, this is just some of reasons why the Bloodhound gang have chosen to install one of our best-selling devices – the hydrogen peroxide monitor. This will alert the drive if there has been a leakage or if there another issue relevant to the release of hydrogen peroxide.

We’ll Be There!

So as the Bloodhound SSC hurtles across the open desert land and the driver’s eyes bulge to the point of bursting – we can say that a little part of us will be there with him too! We wish Richard, Andy and the rest of the team the best of luck throughout their practice runs and we personally look forward to seeing the end result! 1,000mph and still going!

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