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ATi UK are very proud to be joining forces with a well known children’s hospital to create a state of the art decontamination chamber, which will help in the fight against COVID-19.

As part of an ongoing project, the children’s hospital has created a specialist decontamination chamber for the deep cleaning and sterilisation of medical equipment within it’s own hospital, along with other local NHS facilities.

This pioneering H202 gas detection system makes full use of the innovative IsoMon system, part of ATi UK’s PharmaSafe range, with dual, fixed hydrogen peroxide F12/D monitors and high range and low range smart sensors. A fully automated sample switching arrangement uses the most appropriate sensor for the measurement.

In addition to the IsoMon system, the ATi D16 portable PortaSens lll gas monitor is also used. The added capabilities of the IsoMon system validates the decontamination process by proving efficacy, allows for protection against over-gassing and controls unauthorised access to the room. This versatile system also controls dosing times and venting, post decontamination.

ATi UK are a specialist sensor manufacturer and solutions provider based in the UK. A trusted global supplier to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, our PharmaSafe range of innovative gas detection solutions are trusted the world over and come with award winning customer support.

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