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Scottish Water ChlorNet 2Scottish Water has become the fourth major water company to invest in the quality of their network, using the latest technology for measuring chlorine.


ATi’s ground-breaking continuous battery powered ChlorNets have recently been installed following their proven accurate, reliable and real-time data.  This will enable Scottish Water to understand their networks better, reduce unnecessary costs and ultimately improve its quality of water.


Scottish Water ChlorNet 1Working in partnership with Process Plus, five ChlorNets have been installed and commissioned at four different locations across Scotland, using various phone signals.  In a new approach to how the ChlorNet is usually used, ATi and Process Plus developed and built a new stand where the ChlorNets sit, to fit with the customers needs.


Despite the new set up, the system was installed smoothly and without the need to calibrate any of the monitors. The ChlorNets will now be left for a few months to gather data on chlorine levels and temperature. As supply increases, the levels of chlorine have to be maintained with a residual, depending on the quality of water and pipe work, the chlorine can be eaten up with no residual left.


The units use the same GSM as ATi’s NephNet portable turbidity monitors. This means that Scottish Water can receive alarms warning them of any changes in chlorine levels via phone or email. They can also download the data whenever they wish to see how the chlorine levels change and when the chlorine may require boosting.


Scottish Water ChlorNet 3Severn Trent Water were the first water company to benefit from the groundbreaking continuous, portable ChlorNet measurements, with the feedback from these trials leading to hundreds being sold and demand increasing in-line with the NephNet.


ATi’s UK Sales Manager, Tristen Preger, commissioned the unit with Process Plus: “The only way water companies can get this sort of data is through the continuous monitoring offered by the ChlorNet – no other technology can achieve these results.


“The ChlorNet offers continued, remote monitoring of chlorine levels and is the first continuous battery powered, portable chlorine monitor that gives the same measurement performance as the more traditional fixed monitor, with no compromise on measurement.


“The ChlorNet is a low powered, mini version of our market-leading fixed chlorine monitor, which offers the same excellent, unrivalled results.
  It allows changes in chlorine levels to be continuously monitored, with companies being alerted to any emerging problems by an alarm.  When used in conjunction with a modem and a web portal, the ChlorNet can then geo-locate an event, indicating in which part of the network it is occurring.


“Process Plus did a great job with the casing and the installation for Scottish Water. My job was easy as none of the units required calibration. With very little maintenance, Scottish Water will not need to go back to the units for months, resulting in considerable savings.”


For further information on the ClorNet or any of ATi’s water quality monitors or gas detectors, please visit www.atiuk.com or email sales@atiuk.com.

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