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Analytical Technology has rolled out its new Gas Sensor Exchange Programme, following a successful trial with Thames Water,

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The Gas Sensor Exchange Programme is designed to provide customers with a seamless sensor replacement, allowing for continual peace of mind that the smart sensors are always working to the highest standard. Over a 3-year period, if the sensor requires replacement it will be covered by the cost of the contract.  Then two weeks before the due calibration, ATi sends a rotational sensor in the post. Each sensor comes ready to use and with a batch calibration certificate – customers then simply swap the sensor over and post the old one back.


Calibration of toxic gas sensors is vital as the gas sensor is the main tool to ensuring a healthy and safe working environment.  As a gas sensor manufacturer, we need to make sure all who use the H2O2 sensors are informed of the frequency of calibration and replacement of probes.


If the sensor is being used in process, and is shown gas every day, we may recommend calibration every 6 months (or more depending in saturation and length of gas).



•         Ensures your sensor is always within Calibration, ensuring they are working to the highest standard.

•         The price of the Exchange system is fixed for the duration of term (3 years)

•         ATi takes care of all administration and shipping within mainland UK. This means all you have to do is send the sensor back to us in the provided sensor keeper, after we’ve sent you the replacement in the first place.

•         Your gas monitor is constantly safe to use, meaning you never go without a calibrated sensor.


With ATi’s AutoTest feature and Gas Sensor Exchange Programme, customers can rest easy knowing your gas detection is working 24/7.

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