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Analytical Technology is proud to announce that we have been named as Company of the Month – what a way to start the year!

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AutoTest logo smallIndustrial Process News announced in February that it had chosen ATi UK as its selected Gas Detection Products Supplier Company of the Month due to the fact that we:


“provide the highest quality monitoring solutions available, enabling customers to ensure a safe, efficient and healthy environment. As the fastest growing specialist electrochemical sensor manufacturer in the UK, the company prides itself on its award winning customer support, efficient and cost effective products and decades of industry experience.”


Analytical Technology’s European Sales Director, Garry Tabor, is thrilled with this latest development.


Garry Tabor“ATi’s philosophy is very simple; we aim to provide good value solutions to our customers and to always go the extra mile by offering industry leading levels of service. We are deeply rooted in the principle of developing and manufacturing sensors that will protect lives, improve process control and protect the environment.


“Our decades of experience in the area of sensor design, manufacture and application allow us to offer the kind of application support needed for the most demanding applications. Our emphasis on simplicity of design and ease of service make ATi products your best choice.”


ATi is a privately owned company and specialises in the areas of toxic gas detection and water quality measurements, and continues to lead the way in development of reliable monitoring systems.


AutoTest_Master RGB_72dpiSafety at work is essential when working in any gas plant environment. ATi‘s specialist knowledge in manufacturing electrochemical gas sensors, is the core element within ATi’s extensive range of toxic and combustible gas leak detecting instruments. Considering the importance and vitality of detecting gas, ATi introduced the world’s first daily AutoTest function, which is now a standard system for most gas detection applications.  It is the only product available that automatically checks itself daily with gas, making it the safest and most reliable monitor in the world.



Industrial Process News commented:


“It is of upmost importance that all gas systems are checked regularly and by law, they need to be tested once a week. What sets ATi apart from its competitors, is that their innovative gas detection monitors are the only ones available that offer the daily AutoTest function. This valuable tool checks itself daily with gas and alerts the building if any problems occur, ensuring employees are never at risk and problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently.”


ATi UK has received the ‘Highest Accolade in Business’ for the last 4 years and was awarded the ‘Best After-Sales Service Award’ from the WRc’s Instrument User Group (IUG), due to the first rate customer support, fast response times, low maintenance costs and high quality efficient monitors.


“We are committed to maintaining a high level of service to all our customers,” explained Garry. “We understand the importance that when problems occur they need a fast resolution, which is why we believe in ‘fix now, pay later.’ As soon as maintenance or fixing is required, we will get to you as soon as possible and the costs are sorted later. Your safety is our main priority.”


“We have just invested thousands into a new product range which we will be launching later this year. It will include the most up to date technology, smart monitoring and will be battery powered. We are extremely excited to introduce this new range to our customers.


“ATi has doubled its business each year for the last 2 years, and our aim is to continue this rapid growth whilst maintaining a 5 star service to customers. At ATi we strive to be more than a company that just supplies instrumentation, but a company that changes the way customers view the supply of monitoring equipment. Expert knowledge of the industry, high-quality equipment and our award winning customer service and support, are key to our success.”


If you would like any more information on any of our water or gas monitor ranges, please contact sales@atiuk.com.

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