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ATi UK is pleased to welcome Derek Leslie to our Team.  Derek joins us as Technical Performance and Data Analyst, heading up our new Data Analytics Department, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge from his 43 years in the water industry. 

As a respected leader in his field, Derek’s specialty is evaluating solutions for distribution anomalies, providing a true insight and practical and innovative resolutions to problems relating to leakage, pressure and water quality.  Derek’s role involves interpreting data from ATi UK’s industry-leading smart water quality monitors, alongside that of pressure, flow, transient and acoustics.  He is a great believer that true smart water can only be achieved by layering this multi-technology approach to gleam better insights and prove the true, real-time value that smart water quality data delivers.

Derek’s knowledge and expertise of data provides new levels of system intelligence that can address many of the problems hampering sustainable water supplies, by turning data into understandable, useful insights. The data can then predict events and address everything from water safety, asset performance, leak detection, integrated planning and energy efficiency.  These sustainable and resilient analytics will help the water industry increase operational efficiencies and inform smarter asset management.

“Having worked with and alongside ATi UK for many years in my role at a major UK water company, I have seen their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.  I am now looking forward to promoting ATi UK’s forward-thinking approach and helping to develop the business objectives, solutions and services. In a world where data is available in huge quantities, I hope to utilise my specialist knowledge to help customers benefit from interpreting all of the insightful data generated from ATi’s smart water quality solutions” said Derek.

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