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ATi UK has recently donated more than £40,000 worth of cutting-edge smart water quality monitoring systems to UK Nightingale Hospitals, to ensure clean, reliable and safe water for critically ill coronavirus patients and frontline staff.

As a specialist electrochemical sensor manufacturer, we have also been instrumental in providing healthcare facilities with industry-leading gas monitoring solutions from our PharmaSafe range, providing immediate decontamination validation throughout the sterilisation process, helping to effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep staff safe.

Both trade press and local media, including WWT, Institute of Water, Water Industry Journal, Manchester Evening News and The Business Desk, have been following the work of ATi UK and the difference we are making with article like this:





Delph business donates equipment to help hospitals in fight against Covid-19

ATi UK is playing a vital role in the safe running of the new, emergency healthcare facilities, by donating £40,000 worth of industry-leading water quality treatment and control systems, known as SiteBox, in locations such as Manchester and Bristol, with other installations across the UK and Europe also in the pipeline. 

The first SiteBox was donated to Bristol’s Nightingale Hospital, within days of initial planning meetings, following concerns over the converted university building housing no onsite water storage.  By working closely with Bristol Water, Saddleworth-based ATi UK were able to offer an innovative early-warning solution with the use of a SiteBox, to help protect the hospital in the unlikely event that the water supply was lost or the quality was compromised.

This was closely followed by installations at Manchester’s Nightingale clinical facility to safeguard water security, offering the highest level of assurance and compliance to the water supply.  The pioneering systems will allow water companies, including United Utilities, to monitor and warn against complications that could affect the water quality and supply, minimising any disruption to the hospitals.

In addition, as global leaders in hydrogen peroxide monitoring during decontamination, sterilisation and deep-cleaning procedures, ATi UK has also worked with a well known children’s hospital to create a specialist decontamination chamber for the sterilisation of medical equipment, utilising ATi’s PharmaSafe range of gas detection solutions.  The state of the art chamber now enables the fast and effective decontamination of equipment for safe re-use during the current pandemic, whilst protecting staff from over-exposure of the toxic gases used to kill bacteria.  

Due to COVID-19, key areas in hospitals, schools, nurseries, hotels and transport are being routinely sterilised and deep cleaned multiple times a day to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.  The continuous monitoring of toxic gas levels, using ATi UK’s PharmaSafe range, allows hospitals and businesses to prove that staff are not at risk when working in these potentially hazardous areas.

Garry Tabor, ATi UK Executive Director, said: “ATi UK is proud to be able to donate some of our cutting-edge water quality systems and support the NHS hospitals during the current pandemic.  We are a values based company and are passionate about supporting communities in any way we can, focusing on staff welfare, local communities and fundraising for charities.

“SiteBox will ensure that water companies, such as Bristol Water and United Utilities, are going above and beyond the usual guidelines to safeguard water quality for staff and patients during this difficult time.  These Nightingale Hospitals will now have some of the best characterised and protected installations in the country and we are extremely proud to play our part in helping the global coronavirus pandemic.

“As one of the few companies around the globe that also manufactures a trusted, hydrogen peroxide smart vapour sensor, used in our industry-leading portable and fixed gas monitors, we are committed to helping the NHS, and the businesses that provide decontamination services during this challenging time, by providing solutions to prove the efficacy of decontamination.”

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