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ATi UK has received top marks in the industry benchmark standards of our integrated management practices and procedures, achieving 100% for Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental Management.

The Achilles UVDB (Utilities Vendor DataBase) audit process is a rigorous inspection of business management systems, with ATi achieving:

  • Health & Safety – 100%
  • Environment – 100%
  • Quality – 100%
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility – 96%

The scheme is the utility industry’s pre-qualification system, used by almost all buyers within the industry to monitor and maintain supply chain standards. Achilles UVDB accreditation is required by all major utilities companies and their principal contractors, enabling access all the ATi UK pre-qualification documentation, reports and results, therefore eliminating the lengthy pre-qualification period before any tender process can begin.

By passing this strict certification process, ATi UK is able to assure its customers that our processes meet and exceed best practice benchmarks for a system and solution provider.

The hard work continues . . .

As proud as we are of our Achilles Audit, we not allow complacency to sneak in. As a forward-thinking company, with innovation and corporate and social responsibility at its heart, ATi UK are always seeking new ways to ensure our business continues to improve, challenging ourselves to go above and beyond what the industry and our customers expect from us.

Since 2014, despite us almost doubling in size, we have managed to reduce our environmental impact in all areas, most notably reducing our water and paper usage by 75% and electricity by 33%.

Over the last 12 months, we have also made more effort to reduce our carbon emissions by limiting our flights abroad and investing in electric and hybrid vehicles. We have cut our waste, saved energy, procured goods and services in an ethically and environmentally responsible way and held regular charity fundraisers.

ATi has always been committed to corporate and social responsibility, however this has become a much bigger priority for us in recent years.   We are a values based company and we are passionate about further reducing our impact on the environment, focusing on staff welfare, supporting local communities and fundraising for charities.

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