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Analytical Technology is proud to unveil our new dedicated Service, Calibration and Repair Centre, following major investment into further improving our award-winning customer service.

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The new Service Centre, which now offers more than four times the space, is a custom-made facility specifically designed to develop our world class service, calibration and maintenance of our ever-growing water and gas product line.
Featuring separate water and gas calibration and repair labs, new circuit board repair facilities and fully qualified water and gas technicians, this customised space will help to improve efficiency, work flow and product segregation.


Service Centre 3To ensure ATi continues to push the boundaries of industry-leading levels of customer service, we have also utilised the expertise of a specialist in Continuous Improvement, who’s role is dedicated to assessing the effectiveness of our business function and offer recommendations for improvement.  On an ongoing basis, the consultant will identify and facilitate process improvement projects; training / workshops to drive cultural change; troubleshoot business issues, project plans, production capacity, facility design and create process documentation; develop and conduct compliance audits, program evaluations and reviews to drive results to ensure change is permanent.


The opening of the new Service Centre has also created new roles, including Alex Dawson taking the helm in his newly promoted role as Service Supervisor, following his award for Employee of the Year in December 2016.  As part of his new role, Alex is attending a part time management course to continue to develop his skills and make our award-winning customer service even better.


ATi’s Director of Operations Europe, Mike Strahand, believes ATi is producing an even greater need to take our excellent service and maintenance to the next level as the business continues to grow year on year, with more sales, customers and frameworks.  “Customer service remains the number one priority for ATi, therefore creating this purpose-made facility was vital.

Service Centre 1“We have always taken great pride in the way we have always made customer service our number one priority.


“Over the past few years we have invested heavily into our pioneering water and gas product range, with the most up to date, groundbreaking technology, which has led to considerable company growth.  During this period of expansion, our new Service, Repair and Calibration Centre will ensure that our award-winning customer service remains our top priority.  In line with this commitment, we have also further invested in the level of care we offer our customers by employing additional dedicated staff in our Service and After Sales departments.


“We hope that all our customers can now enjoy the new benefits that this investment brings”.

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