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A groundbreaking gas detector is transforming the industry thanks to its pioneering new AutoTest feature, making it the safest gas monitor in the world.AutoTest_Master RGB_72dpi

ATi’s Intrinsically Safe F12 gas detector is the only product available that automatically checks itself daily with self generated gas , allowing for safer and more confident monitoring.


This unique monitor is designed to detect and monitor potentially hazardous toxic gas leaks, to ensure the safest working environment for plant operators.  The F12 provides an early warning alarm if gas escapes, allowing for timely remedial or protective actions to be undertaken.


In addition to improving safety, companies will also save money, with no gas to buy or testers to pay.

Conventional IS Detectors v ATi’s F12iS

Conventional gas detection systems require costly manual ‘bump tests’ and annual service contracts, to ensure health and safety compliance. According to research carried out on ATi’s behalf, these manual bump tests are only carried out on average 1.5 times a year.  In contrast, the F12iS checks itself daily. The new generation of F12iS gas detector systems is available from ATi with an AutoTest function that automatically checks if it is functioning correctly by exposing the sensor to a small amount of gas at specific intervals.  ATi’s innovative F12 system is the only detector on the market that provides daily automatic self-tests, far exceeding any current and potential health and safety regulations.

Existing legislation is under review, there is no statement on how often a gas detector should be tested, “in line with manufacturers guidance” is far too open ended,  It is widely accepted that gas monitors need to be tested more regularly than this.  ATi’s F12 will still be far in excess of any new legislation that is passed, making it the safest monitor on the market.

In addition, the F12 also employs SMART sensor technology, meaning customers can take advantage of ATi’s ‘Calibration Sensor Exchange Programme’.  Through this programme, customers can arrange for sensors to be returned to ATi for re-calibration and certification, removing the need for expensive service engineer call-outs. 

Gas Detection Research

The announcement of the F12’s Atex certification comes on the back of alarming results from industry-wide research into gas detection in the workplace .  The findings revealed a number of gas safety concerns, a lack of consistency regarding what constitutes a reliable gas detection set-up and a lack of confidence in current gas detection systems.  Installing the F12IS detector with AutoTest would eliminate all of these concerns.

The research reveals a crisis of worker confidence in monitoring systems across multiple industries, with managerial staff and their workforce expressing different opinions across a number of important issues:

  • Only 32% of managers were very confident that the gas detectors in their workplace actually worked.
  • 40% of managers indicated concern that gas detection equipment is tested too infrequently.
  • 62% of  managers believed that their gas detectors were not tested regularly enough.
  • 90% of managers said the frequency of gas detector testing is important for safety.
  • 80% of factory/plant workers were concerned about the risks that gas poses in their workplace, and in many cases are unaware if there were any gas detectors in place to ensure their safety.
  • 92% of workers said they would feel reassured if their organization installed detectors with auto-test.

AutoTest AdvertThe results make it clear that there is an urgent need to review and implement upgraded procedures, enabling improved workforce safety and compliance with industry regulations. Devices that can measure and monitor harmful levels of gas, providing early warning of leaks are essential for allowing timely remedial or protective actions to be undertaken.

The study, carried out by third party researchers, was commissioned by specialist electrochemical-sensor manufacturer Analytical Technology in response to expressed concerns in the water/utility industry about methods of safe gas detection. The research focused on three main areas of interest – current awareness and concerns around gas detection, the purchasing of gas detectors and factors influencing it, and the testing of gas detectors.


A total of 100 people were interviewed working in six different industries, namely food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, petrochemical, water/utility, metal plating/printed circuit board manufacturing and healthcare. Within these industries, the employees interviewed were from a range of job titles at managerial level (plant and facility managers, project managers and health and safety managers) and at workforce level (factory/shop floor workers, engineers, machine operators, instrument technicians/engineers and service engineers).

 Solution – Free, Daily AutoTest

ATi’s AutoTest function, which automatically checks that a gas detector is working correctly, was identified as a necessary characteristic of a reliable gas detection set-up, and 89% of those currently working with AutoTest detectors in place claim that they would never use a system without this function. Gas detector testing differs dramatically from company to company due to the lack of explicit regulation in this area and although frequent gas detection is proven to improve confidence in gas detection set-ups, around one in eight managers manually test their detectors less frequently than annually. 


F12 Features and benefits

  • The unique daily auto-test system provides reliable response checks to insure system integrity.  The sensor response is verified with an actual gas sample, generated on demand.
  • provides an early warning alarm if gas escapes
  • ATi’s F12 can be used to monitor carbon monoxide, an ozone detector and an alcohol detector.
  • Features an intrinsically safe design – the transmitters are designed for use in applications requiring safe devises for safety purposes
  • Offers versatility – the transmitters are safe to install, operate and maintain.  The 4-button keypad is used to configure the menu-driven setup pages.
  • Designed for easy installation and is perfect for customers looking to minimise maintenance and support costs. The simple and straightforward set up also means that the F12 gas detector can be up and running promptly.
  • Come with a simple modular format, complete with configuration for any application.
  • For customers looking to improve their gas monitoring system or plant-wide protection, the fixed gas detectors seamlessly and safely integrate with other sensors and control systems.


Michael Strahand, General Manager Europe of Analytical Technology, explains that the research was a necessary step to highlight the risks posed by gas in the workplace. In order to minimise risks and ensure safety in the workplace, it is necessary to implement reliable gas detection systems with the ability to automatically test themselves.  ATi’s F12 Intrinsically Safe gas monitor is a first-of-its-kind detector that is the safest and most reliable in the world.

ATEX image border“This research has highlighted alarming gas safety concerns and has allowed us to get an insight into the most important issues within the industry.  The findings make it clear that there is a need to review and implement upgraded procedures, enabling improved workforce safety and compliance with industry regulations.

“Devices that can measure and monitor harmful levels of gas, providing early an warning of leaks, are essential for allowing timely remedial or protective actions to be undertaken. Our new generation, highly intelligent monitors offer peace of mind to both managers and plant workers, as the F12 is the only device that automatically checks itself daily to make sure it is functioning.

“Our innovative AutoTest technology is set to revolutionise the way gas detectors of the future work”.

 For more information on gas safety in the workplace and to download the whitepaper detailing the full research findings, please visit www.workplace-gas-safety.org.uk/, email sales@atiuk.com or call 0800 8046 062.

To speak to a member of the ATI team about gas safety in your workplace, call 0800 8046 062, email sales@atiuk.com or visit www.atiuk.com

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