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About Analytical Technology

Analytical Technology Inc, (ATi) is a UK branch of an American owned company. We supply monitoring solutions with the use of analytical instrumentation based on electrochemical and optical sensors. We specialise in water quality measurements and toxic gas detection and strive to achieve outstanding customer service levels, offer reliable sales advice, and provide technical support for tricky applications.

There’s No Such Thing as a Clean Pipe

It may surprise you to hear this, but there is actually no such thing as completely clean drinking water; at least not from our taps in any case. Just like the air we breathe and the food we eat, tap … Continue reading

Infographic: The Globalisation of Virtual Water Flows

The explosive growth of international trade has turned water into a traded commodity. Research into the water footprint of goods has revealed the true extent of the situation. It takes 650 litres of water to produce 1 pound (500g) of … Continue reading

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Monitoring Ammonia Levels

Ammonia is a substance which is present in most water supplies. It occurs naturally when plant life and vegetation break down, and is often used as a fertilizer on farms. It is this latter use which can result in , … Continue reading

How To Monitor Chlorine Levels

Chlorine is the disinfectant most commonly used to keep supplies of drinking water clean and free from bacteria. In developing countries, householders may add their own chlorine after water has been drawn from a source such as a well or … Continue reading

How Safe Are the UK’s Rivers and Lakes?

When considering the safety of the UK’s rivers and lakes there are many different factors to take into account. Firstly, it has to be remembered that only experienced and strong swimmers should consider swimming in outdoor water such as rivers … Continue reading

Is it Important to Monitor Chlorine Levels in Water

If you stop to think about chlorine being added to water, the first thing which probably springs to mind is the strong disinfectant smell which greets you when you pay a visit to your local swimming pool. Chlorine is also … Continue reading

Large Scale Water Poisoning Incidents

It’s easy to take the purity and safety of the water which comes out of our taps for granted, and the vast majority of the time it’s perfectly safe to do so. People who live in modern, industrialised countries are … Continue reading

The Importance of Monitoring Water, Air and Gas

The environmental standards applied to the quality of water and air that we each come into contact with on a daily basis are vital in terms of our health and well-being. The water we drink and the quality of the … Continue reading

Monitoring the Presence of Gas

In the right place, doing the job that they’re intended to do, gasses of various kinds are incredibly useful, particularly as a fuel source and provider of heat and light. The properties which ensure that this is the case, however, … Continue reading

What’s In Our Drinking Water?

It’s easy to think of water as being a simple, natural substance, something which falls from the sky, provided by nature to keep us hydrated and alive. The truth, particularly in a modern industrialised country such as the UK, is … Continue reading