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Dr Chlorine’s 2,000Km Round Trip To See Spanish Customers

ATi’s very own Dr Chlorine has just returned from a busy five-day business trip around Spain, visiting nine of our Spanish customers.

The hot topic of the week was chlorine monitoring in distribution systems, but with chlorine disinfection and ammonia monitoring to also discuss and 12 meetings scheduled, there wasn’t much time for site seeing!

During the 2,000km round trip, Mike traveled to Madrid with ATi Spanish distributors, Mejoras Energesticas. First stop was to visit an ATi PQ46 portable chlorine monitor that Mejoras had modified to include a flow measurement and readings taken every 15 minutes. This prompted a very informative discussion about the pros and cons of the different types of technology, with the big advantage of this application being the length of time between maintenance, along with its excellent accuracy.


Aguas de Murcia’s PQ45 monitor


Aguas Valencia’s Q45 monitor

From there, Mike made his way east and then south to provide two service visits, firstly at Aguas de Murcia for their PQ45 portable chlorine monitor  (photo 1), followed by Aguas de Valencia’s Q45 chlorine monitor based in the city centre (photo 2). Whilst there, Mike was able to give them some chlorine monitor training as well as answering any technical questions. Mike agreed during his visit that we would run an ammonia trial in Valencia for final effluent, as they had a problems with drifting with their existing ISE  (ion selective electrode) system. The ATi Q46N is capable of reading low levels and we will be able to offer a much better service.

Unlike the UK, whose ammonia consent limit is 5 ppm, interestingly the Spanish law is higher at 7ppm .
We would just like to thank all of our customers for looking after Mike on this recent trip – we hope to see you all soon!

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