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Groundbreaking Portable Turbidity Kit Offers Continuous Monitoring & Increased Accuracy

A groundbreaking new portable turbidity monitor has been developed by Analytical Technology, with the help of PODDS and the UK water companies, which offers continued remote monitoring of water discolouration and better accuracy at lower levels.

ATi's groundbreaking Nephnet portable turbidity

ATi’s groundbreaking Nephnet portable turbidity monitor

NephNet is the first battery powered, portable turbidity monitor that gives the same measurement performance as the more traditional fixed monitor, with no compromise on measurement.

ATi teamed up with the internationally renowned experts PODDS to develop a monitor that would help safeguard water quality for consumers in this pioneering, forward-thinking project. The new technology offers a string of benefits to help water companies control their mains flushing, including continuous remote monitoring of turbidity; better accuracy at lower levels; fast connection to water mains via hydrants; and wireless communications and alarms.

If the NephNet is permanently deployed it can also allow customers to track any issues, and identify where any problems are occurring and forewarn when any problems are likely to reach the customers.

Nephnet Turbidity Monitor 1After extensive field testing and evaluation by both the PODDS group (headed by Dr. Stewart Husband of Sheffield University) and several UK water companies, the final product has now been launched and successfully trialed.

Early results show how the use of NephNet allows huge savings when planning or carrying out flushing, with results from one of the trials demonstrating this.  A main that had been previously been identified as needing a major refurbishment and possible relining was instead gradually cleaned by changing the flow using turbidity as the control. This controlled cleaning over several weeks saved the water company over £1 million.

The NephNet is used to control both responsive flushing and controlled planned cleaning. The latter can only be carried out if the measurement is accurate at low levels.  The accuracy of Nephnet is the same as ATi’s fixed turbity monitors, with excellent resolution and accuracy at low levels, <0.100 NTU.

Nephnet features and benefits include:

  • Built-in ‘automatic zero’ technology that offers more accurate readings at lower levels
  • Continuous measuring and logging (every second)
  • Simple maintenance and check
  • USB Data logging as standard
  • Tailor made telemetry
  • NephNet can be used on any existing logging devices (flow and pressure)
  • Data accessed via secure website
  • Rechargeable battery for NephNet guarantees extended power longevity
  • Optional LCD to assist with real time data visibility during flushing

Cropped stack of NNDr Mike Strahand, ATi’s General Manager Europe, said: “Nephnet is the first turbidity battery powered potable monitor that’s gives the same measurement performance as the more traditional fixed monitor. There is no compromise in the measurement.

“ATi’s Nephnet portable turbidity monitor allows changes in flow and turbidity to be continuously monitored, with companies being alerted to any emerging problems by an alarm.  NephNet can then identify when to flush, where to flush and how effective the flush was.

“NephNet will ultimately drive down complaints, increase water companies’ credit ratings and result in proactive network management to safeguard water quality for customer use.

“This has been a fantastic opportunity for ATi to work with the internationally renowned, forward thinking PODDS group, whose objectives are to improve drinking water quality, while saving water companies’ substantial costs.

“ATi prides itself on designing and manufacturing first rate monitors and the results of the Nephnet trials speak for themselves, demonstrating our commitment to providing first-rate technology.”

For information about Nephnet or any of ATi’s products please call 0800 804 6062, e-mail sales@atiuk.com or visit: www.atiuk.com

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