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Clean room decontamination within the pharma/medical industry has evolved and ATi’s UK Sales Manager, Tristen Preger, has made it his personal mission to develop and progress its demand for quality gas sensing.


Technilab training


With dozens of H2O2 resellers already customers, Tristen and the ATi team has spent the past few years opening up different markets within this huge industry.


The UK has some of the best manufacturing facilities in the world for British-made isolators, chambers, glove boxes and ‘clean rooms’. The safety of the users and effectiveness of the clean that vaporised H2O2 delivers is paramount. This is why ATi monitors are used in the vast majority of applications. A mixture of fixed and portable gas sensors are used in various applications throughout all fields of use.


With customers differing from NHS staff to high level pharma applications, accuracy and reliability has to remain the upmost priority to ATi. All gas sensors have a shelf life and require regular calibrations to maintain accuracy at both high and low ranges. The frequency of calibration depends on the usage, level and duration of saturation, storage and polarization of the electro chemical sensor. There are many questions asked to get to the correct calibration frequency to maintain a level of expectation from the user.


European Partners

Tecnilab BMI is a company based in Holland where they are primarily a service provider to the many users in this part of Europe. They specialise in H2O2 VHP systems (Vaporised hydrogen peroxide) and require the technical knowledge of a sensing manufacturer like ATi to train them and their customers on best practice with calibrations, checking and storage of the sensors.


Tristen flew to Holland and then took the train to Eindhoven to complete a day’s training with Kevin, Marco and Dennis. The staff were trained on various fixed and portable units, as these are most commonly used in this market. Tecnilab use many of the ATI re-sellers (Bioquell, PBSC and Extract Technology) and supply and look after various systems.


Tristen was delighted with the success of the training sessions and really enjoyed catching up with ATi’s Dutch partners.


“The staff at Tecnilab are professional and look after their customers with the same enthusiasm as we do at ATi. The training I undertook was essential, as there are various methods of checking gas sensors that can lead to issues in the medium to long term. As ATi is a key player in this field, we were able to offer our expert advice, which helps to secure the quality of sensing in the future.  It will also lead to more accurate measurements with reduced errors and improved systems, allowing for reductions in failures and more importantly improve health and safety.

“Tecnilab BMI were also impressed with ATi’s unique AutoTest feature on the fixed gas detectors, which allows for 100% confidence in sensors working each and every day. ATi’s F12 gas detector is the only product available that automatically checks itself daily with gas, making it the safest and most reliable gas monitor in the world. They also learned about the potential issues of using surrogate gases on calibrating sensors.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Tecnilab for their hospitality and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon”.

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