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Hydrogen Sulfide Monitoring for Marine Applications

The ATi F12D and ATEX aproved F12iS (intrinsically safe) Hydrogen Sulfide gas detection monitors, with wet sensor technology, are ideally suited for marine applications with cold, damp, salty and wet conditions. Our customer required a reliable and accurate H2S gas detection system to ensure the safety and protection of staff during the transfer or waste materials. 

The F12D and F12iS monitors have been designed for direct installation into a stack or duct, giving a representative measurement as changes occur from within the stack. The sensors can be simply swapped out and replaced with a pre-calibrated sensor if and when required. This simple operation can be carried out by site personnel and also used to validate a reading if required. 

Pre-calibrated sensors are kept in a charged, polarizing unit, with the user replacing the sensors on a quarterly or half-year rotation. The added membrane allows for continuous monitoring throughout the year and in wet applications. This means that the sensor can be connected to inlets and outlets of OCU’s (odour control units) to test for efficacy of the filtration (media). 

The intrinsically safe F12iS can be used in both wet and ATEX required applications, which means that conditioning the sample is not needed. Conditioning ‘sampling’ systems can be costly and are designed to take out a sample, heat it and then run it past dry sensors. These systems have many moving parts and often require servicing by third party companies.

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