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Innovation at Welsh Water improves Health and Safety with ATi’s submersible turbidity probes.

13-Turbidity-ProbeEarly in 2013, ATi replaced a number of submersible turbidity probes to assist Welsh Water’s rapid gravity filters at Sluvid water treatment works.

The existing application involved the installation of both turbidity electronics and sensors at the bottom of the filter inspection pits.

As a result, the routine

maintenance involved a two-man team having to enter a confined space, and required 3-4 journeys up and down a ladder to calibrate and verify the turbidity monitor.

image[1]In addition to this time consuming maintenance, the monitor value could not be observed locally without the need for expensive repeater electronics situated at the top of each pit, throughout the filter gallery.

By working with the local ICA team, ATi were able to offer Welsh Water submersible turbidity sensing heads, which could be lowered into a “tube housing” which had a gravity fed sample.

imageThe electronics module could then be mounted at a convenient location, which was easily accessible, by both maintenance teams for calibration and works operators for verification.

The solution is simple, efficient and is cost effective at under £50.00 per unit. More importantly, it removes the necessity of two-man teams and confined space working.image[2]

These facts alone offer Welsh Water large operating cost savings together with improved Health and Safety working practice for its employees at sites with this application.

Garry Tabor, of ATi

“I believe this innovative idea, whilst simple, is a significant improvement to the way many water companies monitor this particular application. More importantly it eliminates a major health and safety issue that currently exists at water treatment works throughout the UK. For that reason alone,  will be of considerable interest to other water companies looking to improve working practices”



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