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Innovation Award for the UK’s Largest Smart Network Project

ATi UK is proud to be part of the team, led by Yorkshire Water and Stantec, that has been awarded the Utility Week Innovation Award for the UK’s largest and most extensive smart network pilot. 

Judges praised ‘the scope and ambition’ of the winning entry, which showed a “pioneering application of digital twin technology at impressive scale.”

The ambitious multi-stakeholder collaboration brings together the latest cutting-edge technology from 18 partners to combine data from acoustic, flow, pressure and water quality monitors to reduce leakage and network supply interruptions.  This is the first time that real-time data from this many differing technologies has been combined into one ‘data lake’ for analysis, revolutionising the way Yorkshire Water manage and optimise their networks.  Presenting the combined data in a single visualisation platform provides a virtual model of the physical assets across the network, referred to as a digital twin.

Through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, clustering data sets and removing false positives, this informs asset and operational decision making by unlocking operational efficiencies, boosting customer services, providing early warnings and monitoring quality issues affecting customers, whilst also guiding long-range planning and investment strategies.

ATi UK’s Executive Director, Garry Tabor, said: “This multi-faceted approach is a significant step forward for the world of smart, intelligent networks and ATi UK is proud to be part of such a pioneering team. By using ATi’s MetriNet smart water solution as part of the project, it allows continuous measurement of multi-parameters in the distribution network to safeguard water quality.  Data generated offers insights for the proactive management of distribution networks, resulting in cost reductions in areas such as mains rehabilitation, burst identification and prediction, along with control of flushing operations. It also helps to identify efficacy of the sensors, TOTEX, installation issues and collaboration opportunities.

“From pressure, flow, chlorine and turbidity monitoring, PRVs to consumer smart meters, this project is creating a true smart distribution network.  Working alongside collaborative partners to develop intelligent, networked systems like this is driving the industry towards a new smart water concept and is revolutionising the industry.”

Yorkshire Water Innovation Programme Manager, Sam Bright said: “We’re thrilled that the smart network pilot has been recognised in this way. It is thanks to the contributions of all 18 partners that we have been able to push boundaries and achieve the promising results that we have done so far.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to innovate and learn more within our pilot area, and to start to translate these lessons into delivering value for all our customers.”

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