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ATi is proud to announce that the UK’s favourite chlorine monitor is now portable, making it the only detector available that offers continuous chlorine monitoring. Print


Hot on the heels of the highly successful NephNet, the groundbreaking portable Chlornet monitor has been developed by ATi, with the help of PODDS and UK water companies, as part of ATi’s new, revolutionary Network Monitoring range.


Chlornet offers continued remote monitoring of chlorine levels and is the first continuous battery powered, portable chlorine monitor that gives the same measurement performance as the more traditional fixed monitor, with no compromise on measurement.


Following extensive field testing and successful trials with one of the largest UK water companies, the Chlornet is proving to be a huge success, with one project already making savings of millions of pounds from unnecessary work of re-lining of a reservoir.  These savings would not have been possible without the accurate and continuous data stream of the Chlornet.


The Chlornet is proven to provide accurate, reliable and real time data.  This will help the water companies to improve the quality of the water before it gets to the customer.  The monitor allows changes in chlorine levels to be continuously monitored, with companies being alerted to any emerging problems by an alarm.  When used in conjunction with a modem and a web portal, the Chlornet can then geo-locate an event, indicating in which part of the network it is occurring.


The value in continuous chlorine levels also assists water companies on a better understanding of the network.  The condition of the pipe work, potential dead-legs, and the requirement for secondary disinfection can be realised from the data generated.


ChlornetThe Chlornet has been designed to fit in to small spaces and has the ability to be installed in hydrant chambers. It can also be utilised for temporary installations at any site.





  • Continuous remote monitoring of chlorine (every second)
  • Compact and easy to install.
  • Enables chlorine monitoring in the distribution network as well as at distribution sites such as reservoirs and booster stations.
  • Enables improved chlorine monitoring for customer investigations after complaints.
  • This equipment can be serviced and maintained by water plc’s personnel, providing significant cost savings.
  • Equipment can be utilised over and over again at different sites.
  • Spares are easily available and parts are interchangeable providing good reliability.
  • Manual downloading.
  • Equipment can be installed in minutes.


ATi’s General Manager, Mike Strahand, said: “We are extremely proud to introduce the Chlornet into our pioneering new Network Monitoring range of continuous, battery powered, portable monitors.


“Extensive trials have been a huge success, which has resulted in most UK water companies placing orders for the Chlornet, before it had even been officially launched.


“Chlornet is another solution that ATi provides that will ultimately help water companies drive down complaints, increase their credit ratings and result in proactive network management to safeguard water quality for customer use.”


For information about the Chlornet, please call 0800 804 6062, e-mail sales@atiuk.com or visit: www.atiuk.com.

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