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Following the continued success of ATi’s ChlorNet battery powered portable chlorine monitor, ATi has given our pioneering detector a well-deserved face lift and polish!


New ChlorNetDue to the need of constant power to polarize the chlorine sensor, we wanted to make the ChlorNet stand out from the crowd. Now the chlorine reading can be both accurate and clear….whilst the casing looks extremely stylish, even if we do say so ourselves!


Keeping within the same branding style as our family of Network Monitors, including the NephNet, the unit is robust, water proof and can be spotted a mile away! The sensor and flow cell are still the same, as there is no need to compromise what is already a successful and accurate measurement.


This comes on the back of a recent successful trial with Severn Trent Water involving 20 ChlorNets, which resulted in the water company completing an order for a further 120. Demand is high for these first-of-its-kind monitors, but production is now in full flow, with many satisfied customers.


The ChlorNet is the ONLY continuous battery powered chlorine monitor that is continuing to revolutionise the industry.  It offers flexibility, with no compromise on measurement accuracy for:

  • continued remote monitoring of chlorine levels
  • alerts to emerging problems by an alarm
  • compact and easy installation
  • improved chlorine monitoring for customer investigations after complaints


ATi’s UK Sales Manager, Tristen Preger, is thrilled with the new-look ChlorNet and is looking forward to the feedback from customers.   


“As a result of the continuous research and development and working closely with the water companies such as STW, ATi is now proud to unveil the new-look proven, reliable ChlorNet for continuous, portable use.


“We have given the ChlorNet a face lift to help demonstrate how important the measurement is. The display is now larger and looks much more bespoke.  The display can also be read without the need to open the front of the ChlorNet monitor, which allows for better use out in the field with rain and cold.


“As ATi is a leader within the water industry, it is important we develop what the market demands, which is has been proven with the ChlorNet. We are committed to continually updating and improving our monitors to meet customers’ ever-changing needs to make sure they are reactive, responsive and reliable.”




For more information on the ChlorNet, or any of ATi’s monitors, visit www.atiuk.com

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