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It has been a busy month in the world of the MetriNet and interest is continuing to grow apace!


The last three months have seen a hive of activity at exhibitions, conferences and also (more importantly) amongst all of the UK water plcs.


Systems are now installed in over half of the UK water companies and data coming back from two long term case studies is confirming the value of the MetriNet system from a MN 2regulatory compliance view point.  However, it is also revealing how the use of the MetriNet, as part of a smart water strategy, can give significant network operational cost reductions too.  MetriNet data is now being used for near real-time pipe condition monitoring and the identification of potential burst locations, to give just two examples.


For more information on the results and data from these case studies, visit our Which Smart Are You blog.


Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and news over the next month or so for further information on the development, growth and success that we have in the pipeline for the MetriNet!


Check out the latest MetriNet video for more information.


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