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It has been a busy month in the world of the MetriNet!  Interest in water quality monitoring in distribution networks is increasing at a rapid rate and the level of activity is on a steep rise.

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The last few weeks has been an exciting time for ATi, with several significant world-wide installations of the MetriNet, including in the UK. The hype and buzz over our smart sensor technology is continuing to grow and typical comments since the installations have included “we have learnt more in the 10 days following the installation than in the last 10 years”.  Along with the data already coming through, this proves the real capabilities of our pioneering technology.


Take a sneaky peak at what Team ATi have been up to with the MetriNet recently and what we have in the pipeline over the next few weeks.


WWT Drinking Water Quality Conference

WWT 1On 2nd November, ATi took part in the WWT Drinking Water Quality Conference, which was packed full of water company directors, chief scientists and water quality experts addressing drinking water challenges from source to tap.
The event saw a record number of senior drinking water professionals, with high quality representatives from the water utilities making up 75%-80% of the delegates.  The event was very well organized, with mix of presentations and panel discussions and an ideal balance between content and insight into new technology.


There was a high level of interest in our pioneering MetriNet, on display for delegates, which saw productive meetings with two of the largest water companies in the world, plus several director level meetings with water utilities to discuss the topic of technology within smart water networks.


South West Water Innovation Day

ATi recently attended the British Water Innovation Exchange with South West Water, which is the third in a series of similar events which focused on solutions to the challenges faced by South West Water.


The Innovation Exchange offered water and wastewater experts within the industry a chance to showcase and highlight their innovations, cost savings and advancements in the water sector, in turn providing logical solutions directly to the decision makers within South West Water.

The format of the day saw South West Water list current issues they were facing for which they were looking for innovative solutions.  ATi then provided a 10-minute presentation followed by a 5-minute Q&A directly to South West Water, delivering details of how MetriNet’s brand-new approach to smart sensor technology is set to have a profound impact on the UK water industry due to its industry leading capabilities.


Our presentation was entitled ‘The art of the possible’ in relation to smart water networks, water quality sensors, big data and the internet of things.  The interest was high and further meetings are now planned on the back of this event.


British Water

The latest event in this series of MetriNet presentations was at the British Water ‘What can data do for water’ event on 23 November in London.


WWT 2The event discussed how water and wastewater companies collect, process and report on large volumes of data from their networks, treatment works, environment and customers. The challenge we all discussed was how companies need to turn their data into usable information to increase efficiencies. This process usually comes with challenges such as format, volume, quality, along with decisions to be made on storage, ownership and the type of analysis needed.


The ability to analyse and act on collected data is increasingly important to businesses and it’s vital that the water industry works together to identify and solve these common challenges and work on joint sustainable solutions to drive the sectors’ digitalisation.


The aim of the conference was to highlight the advantages and opportunities data presents for businesses in the water industry. This was achieved by bringing experts on data science and water business together, encouraging collaboration and joint thinking, establishing an active and collaborative network of experts to champion change and sector specific data expertise.  This meant that the presentations weren’t product related, they were all thought provoking and discussion leading.


Future MetriNet Events

These are just the start of a series of events ATi will be attending to discuss its ground-breaking capabilities.  Keep your eyes peeled for what else we have in the pipeline!

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