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Network monitoring overseas with Portuguese Partners

Abrataqua 1Our very own Dr Chlorine has recently returned from a busy visit around Portugal last month, accompanied by Luis Mateus of our Portuguese partners Set Control.

Mike was straight off the plane to talk to EPAL in Lisbon. The hot topic was distribution network monitoring, a theme that was to recur throughout the week.

Luis and Mike then travelled on to Porto to speak with Águas Do Douro e Paiva. A very informative and enjoyable discussion about the application for dissolved oxygen and ammonia monitoring, and the pro and cons of the different types of technology was followed by a number of presentations.

Vimagua is the water company for the city where Portugal was born, Guimarães. Mike visited to deliver training for the operators of the water treatment plant where there has just been an upgrade to the turbidity monitors.

Seven ATi A15/76 monitors measure the turbidity of the water from the 4 deep wells under the river Ave as well as the treated water at various process stages.

Despite running unmanned for several months the monitors were all working fine on arrival. Mike showed the team how to use the sensors unique self checking and self zeroing features as diagnostic tools to aid with cleaning.

From there it was on Northwards to Figueira da Foz to look at an installation of dissolved monitors on a huge pulp mill. An argument with a deep puddle of “sludge” left Mike in need of new trousers but it was all in a day’s work.

From there it was onwards to Abrantaqua in Abrantes a municipality in the central Médio Tejo region of the country.

There are a number of small population centers scattered around the city many of which are served by small waste water treatment plants. Some plants treat the waste of only 300-500 houses.

Set Control supplied a number of Q45D optical dissolved oxygen monitors directly to Abrantaqua.

Mike attended to give start up and calibration assistance and also to answer some technical questions from the client.

 Luis Mateus calibrating  Vimagua2


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