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Following its introduction 12 months ago, ATi UK’s SiteBox has been hailed as a global breakthrough in versatile water quality monitoring, with industry-changing results.

The versatile ‘lift and shift’, early-warning optimisation tool helps to identify potential risks, improves compliance ratings and proactively safeguards water quality and security for customer use.

In response to the drought last summer, a major UK water company required an emergency start-up solution to bring several drought boreholes back online and into supply. The time scale for this project was extremely demanding, with lead, installation and start up times all critical. Multi-stream SiteBoxes measuring turbidity, residual chlorine and pH were specified, manufactured and delivered in only six weeks, installed and generating live data in 30 minutes, allowing the water company to increase resilience and safeguard water quality.

Demonstrating its versatility, SiteBox has also recently been used by the world’s largest provider of water systems for global events, including sporting games and rock festivals. The client’s components are held in warehouses around the globe and temporary systems that must be robust and easy to use, ship, start up and maintain were required. SiteBox has allowed these customers to have off-the-shelf water quality systems ready for immediate deployment.

In its most recent implementation, SiteBox assisted a major UK water company in carrying out the cleaning and refurbishing of a large service reservoir.  Connected to an ROV, SiteBox gave continuous multi-parameter water quality data before, during and after the cleaning process, resulting in huge savings in both time and budget.

Following these successes, SiteBox is now entering a new phase that will see ATi UK working in collaboration with leading global partners, further developing the bespoke solutions and capabilities available for customers.

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