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SWIG’s 4th biennial conference and exhibition promised to be bigger and better than ever, and it certainly didn’t disappoint!


SWIG 1With the topic of the event being ‘meaningful measurement from the micro to the macro scale’, ATi took the opportunity to exhibit our state-of-the-art MetriNet monitor, which offers a brand-new approach to smart sensor technology with amazing capabilities.  Our leading, cutting-edge range of sensors offer unique benefits that no other monitors can provide.


ATi UK’s Operations Director Europe Mike Strahand, Sales Director Europe Garry Tabor, Technical Manager Chris McTear and Sales Manager Tristen Preger were all on hand to demonstrate and discuss our pioneering range of Network Monitors.


ATi’s range of network monitors, which also includes the NephNet and ChlorNet, are designed for helping water companies improve compliance, reduce complaints and increase their SIM scores by providing better measurement, understanding and management of their water distribution networks.   The MetriNet offers a sustainable solution to meet the complex challenges currently facing the water sector.


This event, which ran from 27-28 September at the Nottingham Belfry, was aimed at demonstrating how water sensor technologies can help to deliver value from the micro to the macro scale in the water treatment cycle.  Visitors were also able to check out the latest developments from end users, regulators, researchers and manufacturers of water sensors & related technology. There were also presentations, ranging from the micro (sensor design), to process control, to network monitoring, up to the use of monitoring at the catchment scale including clean water, wastewater and environmental applications.


“It was great to see such a mixture of customers, contractors, suppliers and staff from across the UK and hopefully this is another step toward a new way of thinking and working.

 “Times are changing, the future definitely looks exciting and as always, ATi is committed to continually developing to ensure we provide industry solutions”.


CCWI Conference

At the beginning of September, ATi attended the CCWI conference (Computing & Control for the Water Industry Conference) in Sheffield, looking at the development of Intelligent Water Systems.


CCWI photo 2ATi were asked to exhibit the pioneering new MetriNet and discuss how our groundbreaking range of network monitors provide solutions that help improve water quality, drive down complaints, increase credit ratings and result in proactive network management to safeguard water quality.


Focusing mainly on water systems modelling and control, this conference aimed to bring together leading experts, researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to present and disseminate recent advances in research and industry to facilitate and drive innovation.  With over 110 delegates from the water industry there to celebrate innovation, a mix of excellent speakers, innovative technology demonstrations and interactive sessions, guests had the opportunity to explore how, together, we can drive innovation.


ATi’s Operations Director Europe, Mike Strahand, attended some fantastic presentations that showed very clearly how “blue sky thinking “can generate ideas, models and algorithms and control philosophies that can have a real impact on the water industry”.


The main aims of the conference were to facilitate continued co-operation of academic institutions and industry, to examine the current state-of-the-art in computing and control techniques applicable to the water industry and to provide a forum for discussions and the dissemination of ideas on applied computing and control for the water industry.


The first two aims were met magnificently, the depth and quality of the work being presented was fabulous.


Some ideas that came up in the discussions after the presentation included:

  • Using the distribution network as a feedback control for the water treatment works
  • Using mobile water quality monitors inside pipes to track contamination events
  • How to determine the optimum number and locations for water quality sensors
  • Using machine learning to deliver predictive real-time water quality alerts.


CCWI photo 1After the success of the conference, delegates were invited to the Conference Dinner held at Firth Hall, which was sponsored by none other than ATi! Delegates were served a complimentary 3 course meal and drinks in the impressive Hall, with the option of then exploring what Sheffield’s nightlife had to offer!



Cleanroom Technology Conference


September saw ATi UK at the Cleanroom Technology Conference held next to the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham.


ATi had our Gold Standard Fire & Gas Detection demonstration system on show, including the new CCTV Flame Detection.


Cleanroom photoMuch interest was experienced in the whole setup, especially from the other exhibitors. Obvious gas detection interest came from the monitoring of Hydrogen Peroxide using the ISOMON product, as this covers both the high (sterilising) range and the low (Health & Safety) range.


However, a surprising interest came from several attendees wanting information on Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen monitoring, so it just goes to show you can never take things for granted!


Finally, with access to the Museum, we also took great delight in viewing all those superb British Motorcycles! Now, let’s hope the next exhibition is in the Ducati Factory Northern Italy…..we can only dream!

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