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ATi were thrilled to be invited to Severn Trent headquarters in Coventry on 23-25 June for a Leadership Event,  to demonstrate the NephNet to 800 managers, including the DWi.

ST stand 1

The event was set up to demonstrate what Severn Trent Water (STW) has put in place in response to OFWAT’s strict measures to improve  water quality.


STW has implemented a number of new strategies to help ensure it’s customers receive the NN photohighest water quality possible and this event aimed to demonstrate the key improvements to all of it’s 800 managers, including:


  • Portable spot check turbidimeters
  • New mobile phones for better data collection
  • Portable continuous turbidimeters (NephNets)
  • Improvements to training for valve operators


These improvements have been put into place to prevent / reduce discolouration events and complaints.


ST stand 3ATi were the only external company to attend the 3-day event, demonstrating to the staff, CEO and DWi how the NephNet is the only solution available that can help water companies achieve these targets and effectively monitor turbidity .


ATi’s UK Sales Manager Tristen Preger, Technical Manager Chris McTear and Caption Data‘s Paul Sanders  covered a total of 48 presentations over 3 days, consisting of a practical demonstration of the NephNet; data collection and alarms; and the overall value in the measurements.  The applications included valve operations, flushing, network monitoring and PODDS reconditioning, all of which require accurate, continuous turbidity readings at low levels.


Although only about 50% of attendees were involved in operations, the collection of ST event photoquestions from other genres of management made the presentations both interesting and entertaining!  However, it was obvious that all who attended saw great value in both the data and the improved systems in place.


ATi would like to thank all at STW including Matt Lewis, Rachel Lowe, Albi Lamaj and of course Liv Garfield for their help with setting up and organising the days.

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