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Motor oil refinery uses Q46 Sulphite monitor to assist with dechlorination process

Overview of siteDuring Mike’s European travels,  the General Manager visited valued customer, Sychem, to assist with a
residual sulphite monitor.

Sychem, based in Athens, Greece;  is one of Europe’s largest water treatment companies specialising in combining UF, RO and other technologies in to package plants used in industries from power and refineries to bottling plants and drinking water.

The monitor is installed on a water treatment plant installed at the Motor Oil refinery in Korinthos 80km outside Athens.

The plant takes sea water and process water and uses multi stage filtration to produce potable water and de-ionised water. The treatment consists of sand filters, carbon filters, ultra-filtration and two stage RO.

Q4566 on RO plantThe sulphite monitor is used to ensure that the dechlorination stage of the process is running correctly. RO membranes have a very limited resistance to chlorine and a sodium bi sulphite (SBS) dosing system is used to remove it.

The Q46/66 monitor allows measurement of the excess sulphite. This measurement is much more reliable than the traditional methods of either measuring zero chlorine with a chlorine monitor or looking for a swing in Redox potential using an ORP monitor. A positive sulphite measurement guarantees that there is zero chlorine for maximum protection levels.

Measuring excess sulphite gives other advantages; one is reduced usage of SBS which is normally overdosed. This can give a payback period of under 12 months on big plants. Reduced usage also means reduced manual handling and storage issues too. It has also been observed that excess SBS may itself have a detrimental effect on RO membranes.

While in Korinthos Mike did take time out to look at one of the marvels of European engineering, the Korinthos Canal.

Opened in 1893 the canal connects the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic gulf and takes 100’s off miles of the journey from Greece to Italy by ship. Mike could not believe that he had never heard of it.

Many thanks to Theodoros Pashalis for all the time on site and for showing Mike the Korinthos canal and to Nick Yfantis for his hospitality at the Sychem facilities.

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