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Today the “Era of Social Media” has heavily impacted our world…in a good way.

TI and Social Media

Author: Megan Magis – Marking Coordinator

Today the “Era of Social Media” has heavily impacted our world…in a good way.

Even here at ATi headquarters we have a business Facebook, Linked-in, Youtube Channel, and our most active, Twitter account. Our Twitter page is pretty informative on water quality and gas detection news, events, and educational articles about our industry. #youshouldfollowus

Twitter is not only for teenagers who are heavily consumed with celebrity gossip and their rants and raves, there’s another HUGE side of it for companies to go to market. Twitter is also a great reference tool for industry related articles, promoting your company products or events, and reaching out to other professionals like yourself.

Last October, I attended my very first WEFTEC show in New Orleans. I used Twitter to map me through the show. I turned on my Twitter app on my smart phone and entered the hash tag #WEFTEC to guide me through what’s going on currently at the show. Many companies were promoting their booth, products, and recording video presentations on their feed. They “tweeted” about special new products that “I shouldn’t miss”, booth giveaways or promotions, and even were posting videos from their booth giving live demonstrations on the show floor. It definitely made my first WEFTEC fun, educational and introduced me to similar companies like ours and the overall industry.

Another great free social media platform is Linked-In. Linked-In could be described as a way to host yourself as a professional and promote your company.  Almost every professional in our water quality and gas detection industry has a profile on there. You will find it to be a great source to directly meet and contact people who may be considered a great lead for your business’ growth.

These websites are all free and easily accessible via your smart phone, tablet, computer, etc.

For those who read our newsletter and do not have an online business profile on the sites I have mentioned, you’re actually one step away from understanding the benefits of digital marketing and all it has to offer.

So remember to follow @ATIMonitors and @ATiUK on Twitter for all our latest company news, events, tradeshow information and articles. Also, visit ATiUKs YouTube video channel, which features more product information and our own Dr. Chlorine himself,  as he demonstrates how to use our products and sensors.

Social media revolution 2012

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I deal with internal sales enquiries and all online marketing for ATi. I look after the social media accounts, website, advertising and marketing campaigns. I assist with content creation and ensure any news is distributed appropriately on a regular basis.
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