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Analytical Technology, the fastest growing electrochemical sensor manufacturer in the UK, looks at how one European distributor managed to develop their national water market and become an industry leader, while setting the standard for all other distributors.


Until recently, conventional wisdom held that distributors had little future within the internet era.  The widespread trend of cutting out the middleman and going directly to the source of supply seemed to put the future of wholesale distributors in jeopardy.  It was a brutal business even before the internet era, yet some distributors have risen to the challenge and defied the odds, resulting in remarkable success stories.


Mejoras photoOne such distributor is Mejoras Energeticas, a water quality distributor based in Madrid.  With almost 25 years in the water industry, Mejoras initially started out within the drinking water distribution network, focusing on leak detection, DMA and pressure regulation.  They dedicated their early years developing their technical knowledge, range of monitors, customer service and customer base, before eventually branching out further to include the water quality and sewage network fields.  This saw them quickly become the market leader in Spain, with a first class reputation, enjoying particular success within the chlorine network.


Throughout their years of success and expansion, however, Mejoras has never lost sight of it’s company philosophy; to always provide customers with a high level of customer service. “We often say that we are a service company who also sells first-rate monitors.  To us, providing our customers with a level of service unrivalled by anyone is the key to our success”, explains Manuel Del Rio, Mejoras Director.


During this time, ATi were also branching out and testing the waters for a new European business partner, expecting the chosen distributor to have close contact with end users, excellent technical knowledge and commitment to customer service.



Due to their shared philosophy, Mejoras and ATi formed the ‘perfect partnership’.    Manuel believes a good relationship and communication is key to becoming partners:  “ATi UK and Mejoras share the same values and strategy in approaching and developing the market. It is remarkable the level of involvement and support ATi give Mejoras, including regular visits to us and our customers, along with frequent training workshops and demonstrations.”


ATi strongly believes that the distributor’s role in expanding a retail market is essential, needing them to be both innovative and proactive.  However, building productive partnerships with distributors can sometimes take years of effort.  Yet, by working together as a team; sharing the same business ethics; continuously developing technical knowledge and product range; adapting to shifts in market demands; whilst working closely with end-users and identifying their needs, more distributors could follow in the footsteps of Mejoras and become the ‘ideal distributor’.


ATi is currently seeking more European distributors – if you think your company has got what it takes to follow in the footsteps of Mejoras , please contact ATi UK on sales@atiuk.com or visit www.atiuk.com.

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