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A big thank you to our Norwegian distributors, Houm, for their recent visit to our headquarters.  As always, it was great to see them and discuss the exciting year ahead.


Norweigan Distributors Houm


With training and football on the agenda, we made sure there was plenty of work AND play in store for Eirik Ansnes and Truls Nordtvedt !


Eirik and Truls spent their time at our headquarters training with our General Manager Mike Strahand and Technical Manager Chris McTear, looking at our sensors for water quality and gas, along with gaining an insight into general maintenance and servicing our equipment.


Good news must travel far as they also spent sometime looking at our new groundbreaking NephNet continuous battery powered monitor for network monitoring, with a view to taking the NephNet overseas to Norway.


Once all of the hard work was out of the way, Eirik and Truls enjoyed a trip to the Theatre of Dreams to watch Manchester United versus Burnley….they obviously brought some luck with them as they managed to see United win!


It was great to see our colleagues from Houm and we really look forward to seeing you again soon!

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