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The UK’s only continuous battery powered residual chlorine monitor is taking the UK and Ireland by storm, making reliable network monitoring possible for the first time.



Following a successful 12 month trial by one of the largest water companies in England, the pioneering ChlorNet has now been fully tested, with excellent results and reviews.


The Challenge


Hot on the heels of the successful NephNet, ATi’s continuous battery powered portable turbidity monitor, ATi developed a similar instrument for residual chlorine monitoring as part of its expanding family of network monitors.  ATi were then approached by a leading water company to look into chlorine monitoring in control network for secondary disinfection and network analysis into taste and odour.



The trial involved the installation of 100 residual chlorine monitors in at various places in water distribution sites of control network, including service reservoirs, major valve locations, pumping locations and important branches, with each site visited every three months.


Accurate, first class results


Following extensive field testing over 12 months, the ChlorNet proved to be a huge success, with the company making savings of millions of pounds, due to the accurate and continuous data stream of the ChlorNet.

 ChlorNet infographic 3

Results from the trial showed that of all the 100 installed monitors::


  • 61% needed no maintenance at all over the year,
  • 94% had 1 or fewer maintenance events
  • No sites had more than 2 maintenance visits
  • In 36% of visits, neither calibration or maintenance was needed
  • Average amount of time on site was 28 minutes per monitor per year
  • Average calibration interval was 5.7 months


The Solution


The only way water companies can get this sort of data is through the continuous monitoring offered by the ChlorNet – no other technology can achieve these results.


ChlorNet imageThe ChlorNet offers continued remote monitoring of chlorine levels and is the first continuous battery powered, portable chlorine monitor that gives the same measurement performance as the more traditional fixed monitor, with no compromise on measurement.  It provides information to assist with modelling and improve compliance.



The continuous battery powered chlorine monitor is proven to provide accurate, reliable CN imageand real time data, helping companies to improve the quality of water before it gets to the customer.  The monitor allows changes in chlorine levels to be continuously monitored, with companies being alerted to any emerging problems by an alarm.  When used in conjunction with a modem and a web portal, the ChlorNet can then geo-locate an event, indicating in which part of the network it is occurring.


The value in continuous chlorine levels also assists water companies on a better understanding of the network.  The condition of the pipe work, potential dead-legs, and the requirement for secondary disinfection can be realised from the data generated.


The ChlorNet has been designed to fit in to small spaces and has the ability to be installed in hydrant chambers. It can also be utilised for temporary installations at any site.



•    Continuous remote monitoring of chlorine (every second)

•    Compact and easy to install.

•    Enables chlorine monitoring in the distribution network as well as at distribution sites such as reservoirs and booster stations.

•    Enables improved chlorine monitoring for customer investigations after complaints.

•    This equipment can be serviced and maintained by water plc’s personnel, providing significant cost savings.

•    Equipment can be utilised over and over again at different sites.

•    Spares are easily available and parts are interchangeable providing good reliability.

•    Manual downloading.

•    Equipment can be installed in minutes




CN image 3ATi UK’s General Manager Mike Strahand, better known as Dr Chlorine, explains:  “ATi believes that if you stand still for too long, you can lose sight of what the market demands of an instrumentation manufacturer.  That is why ATi has invested heavily in portable versions of its market-leading ‘fixed’ chlorine monitors.


“The challenge has always been to retain the accuracy, reliability and ease of use of a mains powered, ‘fixed’ monitor and apply this within a potable water network. As ATi is one of leaders in the water industry, it is important we develop what the market demands.


“As a result of the continuous research and development both in the UK and USA, ATi is now proud to announce the proven, reliable ‘ChlorNet’ for continuous, portable use. Using the same footprint as our market-leading fixed chlorine monitor, ATi developed a low powered, mini version which offers excellent, unrivaled results.”

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