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As part of our ongoing commitment to customer training, our expert and award-winning Service Team recently ran a series of workshops for Severn Trent Water engineers, contractors and project managers here at our Saddleworth Headquarters, demonstrating how to get the best out of the ATi monitors installed as part of a framework.

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The training workshops, led by ATi’s Technical Manager Chris McTear,  covered everything engineers might need to know about our world-renowned Chlorine Monitors and Dual Validation Controllers, such as how the sensors work (including interferences and contamination), plus commissioning, calibration and maintenance by parameter and concluded with hands-on sessions.


The aim of the workshops was to ensure engineers became more familiar with the ATi equipment and have a better understanding for the technology used, so that efficiency is increased and maintenance costs are reduced.


Chris Training (small)ATi’s Chlorine Monitors are an on-line monitoring system designed for the continuous measurement of chlorine. The Dual Validation Dosing Controller is a backboard mounted system that is designed to measure the chlorine content in the water and adjust the Dosing Pump speed to maintain the required CL2 set point. The backboard also consists of all the necessary sample and drain pipe work, including individual flow control valves and a flow switch on the combined analyser drain.


ATi’s Dual Validation Dosing Controller looks at two Q46 analyser readings and by operator selection allocates one as the control and the other as the police analyser. The two analyser signals are compared and as long as they are within a specified tolerance (differential), the control analyser signal will be used to control the chlorine dose in addition to the site flow. If there is a significant difference between the two analysers then an alarm is raised.


Everyone who attended one of our training workshops is issued with a certificate and ATi has received excellent feedback from these sessions so far.


Excellent After Sales and Customer Service

Customer service 3 imagesATi’s Technical Manager, Chris McTear, who conducted the training sessions, said the workshops were a great success and a fantastic opportunity to see some of our valued customers again. “Our time-served, qualified technicians are the best in the industry and our work with all other water companies, including United Utilities, Yorkshire Water and Thames Water, have demonstrated time and time again the value of training.  By improving customer knowledge, maintenance costs are reduced, and efficiency of the plants is increased.


“ATi prides itself on providing award winning customer service, offering first rate support and response times to any customer requirements.  It has been a real pleasure working alongside all the staff from Severn Trent Water and Nomenca, providing them with a chlorine monitoring system that offers reliability, accuracy and cost effectiveness, ensuring high quality drinking water for their 8 million customers.”


Please contact us to discuss specialist training for your company.

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