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United Utilities has awarded ATi UK with a project to replace and upgrade existing instrumentation, with the successful Q46T turbidity monitors.

The fifty-six new turbidity monitors will be installed on 28 bespoke backboards, designed by ATi’s engineers in partnership with the water company, to monitor the RGF.  These custom-built systems will provide United Utilities with an early indication of any rise in turbidity within the filtration process, allowing site operations to act accordingly.  

The asset replacement scheme will see the 56 new monitors installed by the end of the first quarter of 2021, with the first board delivered to the water treatment works this week, four weeks ahead of schedule.  The fast service from ATi UK allows the water company to get an early start on the project to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

The industry-leading Q46T turbidity monitor, which has been extensively deployed throughout UU during the past 4 years, offers continuous remote monitoring with self-zeroing software.  The self-checking sensor compensates for fouling, with no need for regular cleaning, significantly reducing maintenance costs.  The reliable monitor provides low range turbidity measurements and is accompanied by either a White Light Source for EPA Method 180.1 or an infrared light source, with the latter suitable for non-reporting applications.

Vicky Banks, ATi UK’s National Sales Manager, said: “This great vote of confidence again reinforces the strength of our customer-based model of service. We always see ourselves working with key customers like United Utilities far beyond just the supply of instruments. By working in partnership, we are better able to fully understand our customer’s individual requirements, providing a complete engineered solution package, which goes far beyond a monitor on a wall.  ATi always prides itself on providing award winning customer service, offering first rate support and response times to our customer requirements. 

“It has been a real pleasure working alongside all the staff at United Utilities, providing them with an industry-leading turbidity monitoring system that offers reliability, accuracy and cost effectiveness, ensuring high quality drinking water for their customers.”

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