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Congratulations to two members of our Sales Team for passing management and business courses with flying colours!


After many months of hard work and studying, ATi’s Sales Manager Tristen Preger and Account Manager Vicky Wilshaw have both graduated from their courses, which were funded by ATi as part of our commitment to improving customer service and helping members of staff reach their full potential.


Following several months of travelling up and down the country, ATi’s Sales Manager Tristen Preger successfully passed his Management and Leadership course from one of the best training organisations, Gustav Kaser.


Gustav Kaser is a well-respected training organisation that puts its trainees to the test. The course was based around growing as a manager and practising with staff in normal day to day life.  The course was held in Heathrow, which is a long way for a northerner!


Tristen completed the sales version of this course over 10 years ago, but the training then was more about sales and organising yourself to succeed.  This course was purely about management and leadership within the work place.


Tristen was thrilled with his achievements and looks forward to using his new skills to help the Sales Team further improve its customer service levels: “The days were long and the homework was intense when you are busy at work and home. However, I am glad that I have been on the course as you do see and feel differences that benefit you in the normal working day. The other people in the group were all nice and we still talk today, swapping advice or just for banter. You could see a big change over the months with the rest of the group so I know we all gained from it”.


Account Manager, Vicky Wilshaw, has also made ATi proud following her graduation this month with a First Class Honours degree in Business and Management.


Vicky's graduationOver a 16 month period, Vicky’s Business Management course covered a wide scope of business topics such as finance, economics, marketing, and people management. The part-time, condensed course, which Vicky juggled whilst working full time and being a new mum, was held at Churchgate Acadamy in Manchester on behalf of Staffordshire University. The top up degree started in June 2014 and final hand in was November 2015, which meant Vicky was studying during her pregnancy and maternity leave.  The course ran straight through the summer without the usual university breaks, in order to accommodate all the students who also worked full time, and to complete the course as quickly as possible.


Vicky is proud of her achievements, as are we, and she’s looking forward to bringing her new-found knowledge into her new role as Account Manager: “Graduating with a First Class Honours is a real achievement and has made all the hard work of juggling work, study and having a new baby worthwhile.  It was a fantastic opportunity for me to further develop my business and management skills, which I can now bring with me into my new role.  Meeting new people and gaining further business knowledge through listening to their experiences was a real bonus, plus I was also able to apply my learning when completing assessments based around ATi.”


Dr Michael Strahand, ATi’s General Manager Europe, said: “ATi is committed to personal and professional developlment and the content of these courses, and the way they have been delivered, has really worked for us and our staff.  We now have more rounded, qualified and knowledgable employees, which is fantastic for ATi and our customers.  Vicky and Tristen are proof that there are alternative routes to full time study that work for both team members and businesses.”

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