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What’s In Our Drinking Water?

Drinking Water

It’s easy to think of water as being a simple, natural substance, something which falls from the sky, provided by nature to keep us hydrated and alive. The truth, particularly in a modern industrialised country such as the UK, is rather more complicated.  Initially, chemicals have to be added to water in order to make it safe for drinking. Surprisingly, these chemicals, when looked at in isolation, are often highly toxic in nature, although safe when added in the right amounts during a carefully calibrated processing procedure.  Amongst the chemicals normally added to drinking water before it begins its’ journey to a person’s home are the following:

  • Calcium hydroxide
  • Fluorosilicic acid
  • Liquified chlorine
  • Sodium silicofluoride
  • Aluminium sulphate

This is only the beginning of the story, however, since it has to be borne in mind that most of the water we use has traveled to our homes down pipes which have often been in place since being built during the Victorian era.  During such a long journey down such old pipework it is virtually impossible that the water itself won’t end up picking up some more contaminants. The chemicals added to water during the initial stages of treatment are designed, at least in part, to ensure that none of the contaminants picked up are capable of causing any harm. Whilst many people, in recent years, have made the decision to switch from tap water to bottled water, it is still true to say that the water which comes out of the tap in the UK is amongst the safest in the world. Anyone seeking further reassurance should take the step of filtering their water via commercially available devices before using it.

Image Credits: Greg Riegler

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Analytical Technology Inc, (ATi) is a UK branch of an American owned company. We supply monitoring solutions with the use of analytical instrumentation based on electrochemical and optical sensors. We specialise in water quality measurements and toxic gas detection and strive to achieve outstanding customer service levels, offer reliable sales advice, and provide technical support for tricky applications.
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