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ATi Completely Overhaul Yorkshire Water’s Testing Equipment


For the first time ever, a UK water company has had all of its chlorine monitoring assets replaced at one time, using only one direct supplier. ATi were extremely pleased to work so closely with Yorkshire Water, helping them to thoroughly overhaul their existing devices and replace them with equipment supplied and fitted by ATi UK. This type of work is usually carried out through contractors, this time however ATi have installed, implemented and provided training on all assets required for Yorkshire Water.

Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water is responsible for distributing approximately 1.24 billion litres of drinking water to the UK every single day. They also treat and dispose of almost 1 billion litres of wastewater, transporting it safely back into our environment.  With over 700 water and sewage treatment plants nationwide, 120 reservoirs and 62,000 miles of water/sewer mains; Yorkshire Water is one of the UK’s leading water companies.

Controlled by various agencies, including the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI), the Water Services Regulation Authority (OFWAT) and the Environment Agency; Yorkshire Water must employ the very best in water monitoring technology in order to comply with set regulations. It is essential that the water they provide is clean, has a pleasant taste and is the correct colour. In order to achieve this, Yorkshire Water has to continually monitor water from their 59 treatment plants and take regular samples from their 300+ reservoirs. In the average year, over 500,000 different tests are performed on water samples to ensure it meets exacting standards.

PA070588smlThe Chlorine Challenge

As part of Yorkshire Water’s complete overhaul, ATi was awarded a prestigious framework agreement to provide and fit up to 450 chlorine monitors as part of a buffer-less chlorine monitoring system. The company has over 4 million customers, of which they have to provide high quality and safe drinking water, whilst also trying to secure better rates during tough economic times. In order to achieve this Yorkshire Water decided to completely replace all outdated and incompetent buffer amperometric systems, on which they had spent around £250,000 a year in reagents alone.

With the view that acetate and phosphate buffers are costly, present health and safety risks and are environmentally unfriendly; Yorkshire Water requested that the new set-up be free of chemical buffering wherever possible. By evading the use of reagents, wherever possible, the company can save huge amounts on operating costs whilst also reducing their impact on the environment. With the new framework, Yorkshire Water wanted to achieve the following principle benefits:

  • Measurement accuracy
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness

After months of rigorous testing on 24 different analysers, from 12 different suppliers, the development team at Yorkshire Water found that ATi’s Q46H Residual Chlorine Monitor offered the most accurate, dependable and cost-effective solution.

P7130167Nine Month Evaluation Period

During a nine month evaluation period Yorkshire Water tested ATI’s chlorine monitors, on numerous water types, at four different treatment plants; including Elvington, Embsay, Keldgate and Langsett.  During this period our monitors boasted extremely low maintenance levels and made clear that Yorkshire Water’s decision was a correct one. Now only approximately 10% of all installations operate with a buffer, this is due to uncontrollable circumstances such as unusually high pH levels or high iron/manganese concentration issues. The newly installed monitors do however only use a very small amount of reagents – 25l per year compared to 25l per month beforehand.
To provide the most effective system, ATi also tailored single and triple-validated chlorine monitoring boards which were fitted to every sample point throughout the process. This ensures full disinfection control in agreement with their best water quality practice. Signal marshalling, power supplies and the entire “wet end” are bespoke to allow simple replacement of existing monitors without causing disruption to operations. The whole process was completed in three phases across two and a half years, finally being completed in May 2013. After installation was complete, ATi then provided full operational training to all employees at Yorkshire Water.

YW Training at Buttershaw WTWFeedback from Yorkshire Water

“Analytical Technology came out comfortably the best performer in our rigorous selection process, and the company’s vast experience with membrane technology places them ahead of most of their competitors, who were one step behind them in adopting the new technology. Now that the roll-out is complete, the scheme has realised around £336K of OPEX savings per annum, and operators will no longer have to manhandle 25 litre containers of buffer around our sites. ATi has provided an excellent service and it is a pleasure working with a company who are very customer focused.  The high level of technical support that Analytical Technology provides really differentiates the company, and all staff members have extensive knowledge of their products. The monitors also run without reagent in the majority of installations, resulting in cost savings and Analytical Technology has tailor-made a solution to fit our needs rather than just supplying a monitor.”

“The criteria we used to trial the monitors focused on reliability, accuracy and cost effectiveness. Analytical Technology was able to supply us with instruments that have met these criteria and also offered us additional benefits. This is why we selected the Analytical Technology Q46H Residual Chlorine Monitor as our preferred analyser. The customer service provided by Analytical Technology throughout the initial development of the monitor to ensure it best suited our needs, as well as during the installation process, has been excellent and we look forward to working with the company going forward.”  – Alan Henson, Project Manager at Yorkshire Water.

At a project wrap up meeting Rod Black, Production Manager of one of the areas involved in the asset replacement commented, “The asset replacements were well managed on site, and everyone worked together to minimize risk to water production and any other site issues. ATi working closely with Yorkshire Water also resolved the SCADA issues on each site, sorting out RTS alarms and left every site clean and tidy, something which is not always the case. This extra added value has helped operations in their day to day jobs.”

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