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The Royal Mint has selected Analytical Technology to equip its new effluent treatment plant. With the treatment of trade effluent increasingly coming under the spotlight, The Royal Mint recently embarked on a multi-million pound project and has chosen ATi’s pH, … Continue reading

The national SWIG odour control seminar, hosted by ATi, has been hailed a success by organisers, with 35 leading industry representatives attending to learn how to measure and manage odour from waste water treatment plants. The seminar, held in ATi’s … Continue reading

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer training, our resident “Dr Chlorine”, Mike Strahand, held four training sessions in March for operators and maintainers at Severn Trent’s Tittesworth Water Treatment Works near Buxton. The sessions, held over two days, covered … Continue reading

ATi’s Dr Chlorine has taken on a 100 day challenge to abstain from drinking alcohol all in the name of charity. In aid of Give It Up For Christies, Managing Director Mike Strahand started the New Year with an alcohol-free … Continue reading

The explosive growth of international trade has turned water into a traded commodity. Research into the water footprint of goods has revealed the true extent of the situation. It takes 650 litres of water to produce 1 pound (500g) of … Continue reading

One of ATi’s key design aims is to produce monitors that wherever possible, run without reagents. Reagents can be expensive and the associated delivery systems are always a maintenance intensive item. Measurement of parameters such as ammonia, total chlorine, residual … Continue reading


TI and Social Media Author: Megan Magis – Marking Coordinator Today the “Era of Social Media” has heavily impacted our world…in a good way. Even here at ATi headquarters we have a business Facebook, Linked-in, Youtube Channel, and our most … Continue reading