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Great feedback makes a great product!


After visiting nearly every UK water company, ATi have listened to the users and decision makers to complete the final design of the Neph-Net.

Thanks to the brilliant feedback from ‘YOU’ the users, the new ‘portable turbidity monitor’ has extra features.

Among these are:

  • Low power, continuous reading (less power means longer battery life).
  • Improved case for extra protection
  • Quick fit hydraulic connection

All the other features of the product remain:

  • Fouling compensation for long periods of unattended operation
  • Ability to measure from 0-4 to 0-4000NTU in a single sensor
  • Outputs compatible with existing loggers

As part of the options available, ATi will offer a comprehensive annual servicing package for calibration certification, replacing seals, checking battery charge and general sensor maintenance.

If you want more information on the ATi, portable network turbidity monitor, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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