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Analytical Technology, the fastest growing specialist electrochemical sensor manufacturer, has announced that it has acquired Entech Design, a privately owned wastewater services company.




Entech Design has been an innovative manufacturer of quality sonar interface detection instruments, where systems are designed specifically for harsh industrial applications for exposure to high temperatures, harsh chemicals and a wide range of physical properties of materials in process liquors.


As part of this agreement, ATi will acquire Entech’s product line of ultrasonic interface level monitors, along with inventory, product designs, and tooling for the Entech EchoSmart and FilterSmart products.


ATi’s European General Manager, Dr Mike Strahand commented: “This investment represents an important strategic opportunity to bring added strength to our product offerings in the water and wastewater markets and provide additional growth to the company as a whole.  Production of these products will be brought into our global headquarters in Pennsylvania and will fit in well with our existing water and wastewater products.


“The products will add to our global sales volume and we are confident that we can build the volume in these products over the coming years.


“This acquisition is part of an ATi strategy to expand our offering to our existing customer base, with both new and complimentary technologies.  We will continue to make further acquisitions to enhance our market position.”


“We look forward to this addition to the business and to continuing to move ATi forward.”


About ATi

Analytical Technology is the fastest growing specialist electrochemical sensor manufacturer in the UK, providing award winning customer support, efficient and cost effective products and decades of industry experience.  ATi provides the highest quality monitor solutions available, allowing customers to ensure a safe, efficient and healthy environment.

ATi designs and manufactures both water and gas monitoring instrumentation to help companies demonstrate compliance with the strict regulations outlined by the Environment Agency (EA) and EU Directives.  The ATi UK team are based in England and act as the European headquarters, with offices also in the US, allowing the company to deliver solutions across the globe.  From the US, ATi design, manufacture and distribute analytical instrumentation.  ATi’s specialist water and gas monitors, including the industry leading Network Monitors, Chlorine analysers, Ammonia sensors, Sulphide monitors, Oxygen monitors and Hydrogen detectors provide support for the most demanding of applications.


The level of service and experience ATi provides has established them as award winning a supplier to 95% of all UK water companies, including Yorkshire Water and Severn Trent.

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