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Analytical Technology has expanded its award-winning customer service team, as part of its ongoing commitment to providing industry-leading service and quality.

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As the business goes from strength to strength, ATi has introduced a new resource that now looks after all after-sales to strengthen and maintain its existing high standards of business and customer service.


The newly established After-Sales and Customer Service department provides assistance for customers with calibration and replacement sensor frequency, offering seamless sensor management and peace of mind that smart sensors are continually working to the highest standard.  Through this new system, customers are now sent regular and timely reminders for the manufacturers recommendations of sensor calibration and replacement.


Historically, due to a lack of information from the user, ATi was only ever able to react and respond to urgent customer calibration and replacement enquires, by which time the sensors were often already not working to a high standard and the calibration was out of date.  This then led to a sluggish response from the sensor due to over saturation.  In order to eradicate this problem and to help customers improve their sensor management by ensuring sensors are working to the highest standard, ATi has invested in this new system to improve health and safety on site and increase effectiveness and efficiency following increased demand, especially in the NHS.


Gas Sensor Calibration and Replacement

Gas sensors in the medical and pharmaceutical industries are generally used to prove high levels of hydrogen peroxide during a clean and then the low levels that prove it is safe to re-enter a room after it is complete.  As one of only a few gas sensor manufacturers, it is ATi’s responsibility to produce equipment that reacts quickly when needed.


Following the unveiling of our dedicated Service, Calibration and Maintenance Centre at the end of 2017, ATi now also has the facility to store and check sensors at no extra cost to the customer.  This guarantees:

  • improved quality in sensor reaction at both high and low levels.
  • monitors are constantly safe to use, meaning you never have an uncalibrated sensor.


With ATi’s new After Sales and Customer Service department and its Sensor Calibration and Replacement service, along with the pioneering AutoTest feature, customers can now rest easy knowing their gas detection is working 24/7.


For more information, please contact Michelle Lee, ATi After Sales and Service Administrator , on 01457 819 120 or email michelle.lee@atiuk.com.

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