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Analytical Technology has been awarded a new framework agreement for water and waste water monitoring equipment with United Utilities, covering 8 parameters.


UU image 2This framework builds upon the long-standing partnership with UU that goes back to the 1990’s, when ATi was awarded a contract for the supply of chlorine monitors during AMP4.


ATi’s instrumentation equipment for water and waste water monitoring will be installed for control and environment monitoring. Several projects are already underway, with the early emphasis initially on the small waste water plants.


Under this latest deal, ATi will be the sole or dual technology supplier in nine categories of instrumentation:


  • pH analysers
  • Chlorine residual analysers
  • Turbidity monitors
  • Dissolved oxygen monitors
  • Suspended solids monitors
  • Ammonium monitors
  • Conductivity monitors
  • Sludge Blanket monitors


Dr Mike Strahand, ATi Europe General Manager, commented:  “This latest framework agreement builds on our existing relationship with United Utilities and is designed to ensure the control, monitoring and reporting capabilities of water and waste water plants.


“A key part of the selection process was the whole life cost of the instruments, due to industry focus being on product lifecycles. ATi’s philosophy is to design industry-leading monitors that require minimum intervention and minimum reagent use during operation, resulting in low running costs and minimum maintenance.  This makes ATi’s products very competitive over 15 year lifecycles.


“This agreement clearly demonstrates a strong desire by both parties to commit to investing in the future of water quality.”

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