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The ATi F12D and ATEX aproved F12iS (intrinsically safe) Hydrogen Sulfide gas detection monitors, with wet sensor technology, are ideally suited for marine applications with cold, damp, salty and wet conditions. Our customer required a reliable and accurate H2S gas … Continue reading

A leading soft drinks company has commissioned the design and installation of a bespoke ATi gas monitoring solution for Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen.  ATi’s Innovation Hub worked closely with the global business to provide a tailored, smart gas detection system, … Continue reading

ATi UK are global leaders in smart water quality monitoring and gas detection solutions, currently going through an exciting period of growth and expansion. Our customers and colleagues are at the very heart of what we do and much of … Continue reading

ATi UK’s Director of Technical Services, Chris McTear, discusses why he believes that customer support and innovation have never been so important within the water industry as they are today. As is the case in any regulated industry, there is an ongoing … Continue reading

We are pleased to announce that from today, ATi has been acquired by Badger Meter, a global provider in flow measurement, control and communication solutions. This exciting new partnership demonstrates a clear vision to drive forward the future of smart water … Continue reading

Environmental deep-cleaning and decontamination are crucial to the prevention and control of infection within confined areas, such as hospital wards and rooms within healthcare facilities, where instruments are routinely disinfected. Pathogens can easily spread from infected patients and staff through … Continue reading

Intelligent gas detectors play a vital safety role in areas where staff are routinely present, offering protection from harmful levels of toxic gases. With high levels of chlorine used as one of the most common forms of disinfection, gas detectors … Continue reading

Measuring wet H2S in a scrubber or duct application Odour control in wastewater treatment plants, sewage collection systems and industrial applications often requires the use of biological and chemical scrubber systems. Many of these scrubbers employ a wet process, using … Continue reading

ATi UK are global leaders in hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) monitoring during decontamination, sterilisation and deep-cleaning procedures. During a successful decontamination, high levels of hydrogen peroxide will be present, posing a health and safety risk to staff. Our specialist ATi manufactured, … Continue reading

ATi UK’s IsoMon dual-channel gas detection system has revolutionised the way sterilisation cycles are processed, monitoring the complete decontamination process from start to finish and measuring gas levels of both high and low concentration. This unique system, part of ATi UK’s … Continue reading