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ATi’s Tristen Preger has been promoted to UK Sales Manager after nearly 13 years under his belt.


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After establishing Ireland over 10 years ago, Tristen has proved that hard work and getting your hands dirty earns you respect out in the field. Tristen has now worked (and still covers) all industries from Pharma/Medical to Utilities and OEM’s on various water, waste water, ultra-pure water and a huge variety of portable and fixed gas detection. His knowledge from working with large blue chip companies, and a variety of exciting OEM’s in the UK and Ireland, have helped ATI grow five-fold from when he started back in 2003.


ATi would like to thank him for being involved in new, exciting projects, including network monitoring, H2O2 industry and assisting with the continuous training offered to the UK water companies throughout the past 10 years.


Tristen’s new role will involve training the new sales team at ATi on the various applications involved in the many industries that ATi cover. With Vicky on maternity leave and Anna just starting with internal sales, it is an exciting time at ATi for Tristen with plans to grow further still.


“I still remember visiting contractors in Cork (Ireland) on design, build and operate schemes many years ago, consulting on chlorine monitoring applications. I must have visited all councils a dozen times in my first five years in Ireland. Since then, I have enjoyed each and every day at ATi, with so many new and exciting projects, you never get bored of learning the advancing applications from all industries.


“I look forward to helping our growing sales team on improving their skills over the future years. I would also like to say a big thank you to all at ATi for being so hard working and for always putting the customer first – it makes the salespeople’s jobs easier when the customers are happy.”

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