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Over the last month, the emergence of a new strain of Coronavirus has become a global health concern.  In the face of this pandemic, ATi UK remains dedicated to supporting healthcare services by providing vital decontamination solutions.

Due to COVID-19, key areas in buildings, such as hospitals, schools, nurseries, hotels and airlines, are being routinely deep cleaned to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.   As one of the few companies around the globe that manufacture a trusted, smart vapour sensor, used in our industry-leading portable and fixed gas monitors, we are committed to helping businesses that provide decontamination services during this challenging time.

Real-World Decontamination and Deep Cleaning Solutions

Environmental decontamination plays a crucial role in the prevention and control of infection.  Disinfection can be achieved through ‘fogging’, a method that fills a room with a hydrogen peroxide ‘fog’, which destabilises infectious molecules, such as those that make up microorganisms. It is then vital that these hazardous gas levels are measured once the process is completed to ensure rooms are safe to re-enter and minimise down-time. 

It is now widely accepted that the environment can play a key role in the spread of infection in both healthcare and the community.  Automated technologies, including those using vaporised hydrogen peroxide, can significantly improve the effectiveness of the decontamination process, helping to keep key workers and members of the community safe.

Monitor, Detect and Protect

Excessive exposure to the hydrogen peroxide vapour can be harmful to all living cells, due to it being a high strength oxidant.  The best way to ensure the safety of the operating technicians, along with the people using the rooms after decontamination, is to monitor and alarm where levels exceed that of the exposure guidelines, by using a gas detection system with a reliable and accurate H2O2 sensor.  

ATi’s D16 PortaSens innovative, versatile, portable gas detector, part of our industry-leading PharmaSafe range, is a handheld monitor that uses a pump to speed-up gas detection for the protection of people, yet still offers alarms and a data logging facility. The superior sensor used in the PortaSens lll is interchangeable between our fixed and portable devices.  These systems use an industry-leading, pre-calibrated ‘vapour’ sensor that requires an annual replacement with no calibration, increasing its efficacy.

Working with hydrogen peroxide

Monitoring background levels of hydrogen peroxide in the workplace is not easy.  ATi manufacture pre-calibrated, accurate and reliable sensors that can be used to protect staff during and after the decontamination process. H2O2 is released into the air during cleaning and needs to be monitored as part of your Quality Controls Program.

Rooms, surfaces and equipment can be sterilised multiple times per day with higher levels of H2O2 than ever before, increasing the risk to those working close to them. It is therefore essential to understand and accurately monitor H2O2 vapour levels with a pre-calibrated monitor.

If we can offer any support in helping to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, please contact us.

ATi UK are a specialist sensor manufacturer and solutions provider based in the UK. A trusted global supplier to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, our PharmaSafe range of innovative gas detection solutions are trusted the world over and come with award winning customer support.

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