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Forthcoming ATi Events:

Check out the growing list of events that ATi will be sponsoring and taking part in over the next few months!


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8th November 2018 – WWT Drinking Water Conference, sponsored by ATi, Birmingham

21st-22nd November 2018 – WWEM, sponsored by ATi, Telford

21st March 2019 – WWT Smart Water Conference, sponsored by ATi, Birmingham

15-16th May 2019 – SWAN Forum, sponsored by ATi, Miami


For further details on what ATi will be doing at these events, please contact sales@atiuk.com.


SWIG Events:

  • 24 Oct: IoT – Bristol & Bath Science Park, Bristol
  • 22 Nov: SWIG event at WWEM – Telford International Centre 2 sessions on: industrial discharge monitoring and Extracting value and insights from data
  • 30 Jan 2019: Remote Environmental Monitoring, Freshwater Biology Association -East Stoke, Dorset
  • 6 Mar 2019: Flow Metering – Steam Museum, Swindon (sponsored by the Water Research Centre)
  • Apr/May 2019: Back to basics measurement of basic parameters (pH, O2, Cl etc) – details tbc
  • Jun/Jul 2019: Nutrient monitoring – details tbc


For further details on upcoming SWIG workshops, please contact rosa.richards@swig.org.uk or visit the SWIG website here.

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