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Support continues in Spain featuring picturesque water treatment plants!

 Mike Jose ANtonio and ManuelAn intensive but enjoyable week for ATi’s General Manager Mike Strahand with our new Spanish partners Mejoras Energeticas.

Following a whistle stop visit with Garry Tabor to SMAGUA in Zaragoza at the beginning of the month, Mike returned to visit many end user customers accompanied by Jose Maria Iglesias and Manuel Del Rio.

The week started in Murcia with ESAMUR the waste water treatment company for the Murcia region and finished in Madrid with Canal de Isabel II .

There was an enjoyable visit to Cartagena to catch up with an old customer, EDF Suez. They use the ATi A15/79 stripping chlorine monitor to measure residual levels in the cooling water discharged back to the sea. Consent levels in Spain are very tight with many local regional authorities imposing limits tighter than both the EU and Spanish legislation dictates. The non contact operation of the A15/79 allows chlorine measurement in sea water where other technologies would fail due to fouling issues.

A visit to Aguasvira in Atarfe, part of the huge Agbar group focussed on chlorine monitoring in remote locations. The visit offered the opportunity to visit Granada and take a very brief, from the outside only, look at the Alhambra.

View from the clarifiersThe water treatment plant of Granada located in Lancha de Genil provided a strong contender in the “best view from a water treatment plant” contest with great views of the snow capped Sierra Nevada. The water was fantastic too. It was well tested!

Later in the week the ETAP (water treatment plant) at Santillana was also taken in, located high in the Sierra de Madrid the plant produces some of the best quality water in Spain. The process includes ozone pre treatment and an ATi A15-64 continues to give great service years after its initial installation by the then Wedeco Spain, now Xylem.

A consistent theme of theme of the week was a real focus on distribution network monitoring, as in the UK more and more attention is being paid to the water quality in the pipes between a plant and the consumer.

ATi has a lot of experience in this field in particular with residual chlorine and the new NephNet portable turbidity monitor.
Encouragingly it was also pleasing to see signs of recovery in the Spanish market after the damage inflicted by “the crisis”.

Thank to Jose Antonio and Manuel for looking after Mike and to all the customers seen on the trip.


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